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Montero reveals that the Treasury and SEPI will acquire 10% of Telefónica

Mairenis Gomez

March 28, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

The first vice president of the Government and Minister of Finance has highlighted the priority of this operation

The Government of Spain, through the First Vice President and Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has announced a significant state investment in Telefónica, marking a milestone in national economic policy. This Wednesday, has confirmed that the Ministry of Finance will prioritize the financing necessary to acquire up to 10% of the emblematic telecommunications company. Starting with the purchase of 3% already made through the State Society of Industrial Participations (SEPI).

The strategic decision to strengthen Telefónica from the public sector

It has been reported that this decision not only reflects the relevance of Telefónica as a strategic pillar for the country, but also responds to a broader plan to strengthen itself against international competitors, particularly from Germany and France. In this sense, the operation is presented as an effort by the Government to not only ensure the stability of one of the most representative companies in the country, but also to enhance its competitive capacity. in an increasingly demanding global scenario.

Market confidence: the impact of government investment

It is relevant to highlight that the Government's investment not only pursues large-scale economic or strategic objectives, but also seeks to transmit a message of confidence to the financial markets. The positive reaction of the market, with a notable increase in the value of Telefónica shares, seems to validate this strategy. Demonstrating the approval of investors regarding the entry of SEPI into the company's shareholding.

Innovation and growth: the new horizon after the investment in Telefónica

By delving into the implications of this financial maneuver, a range of possibilities opens up for the national economy. We are not just facing another government investment, we are witnessing a clear commitment to innovation, technology and the strategic development of Spain. The investment in Telefónica by SEPI not only reinforces the role of the State as an active agent in the economy, but also emerges as a sign that the Government is willing to take forceful measures. to ensure the growth and sustainability of key sectors.

The Ministry of Finance will prioritize the financing necessary to acquire up to 10% of the emblematic company

Public-private collaboration and the future of technology in Spain

This moment represents a turning point for the Spanish industrial and technological fabric. With an eye toward the future, the integration of SEPI into Telefónica opens the door to an era of collaboration between the public and private sectors that could translate into significant advances in terms of connectivity, digitalization and technological services, not only for Bilbao or Bizkaia, but for all of Spain.

In short, the Government's investment in Telefónica is a clear example of the direction it wants to follow for the country's economic future. The first vice president has stressed the significant relevance of Telefónica for Spain. Highlighting the Government's intention to expand the company's strategic capabilities to match or surpass its rivals in Germany and France. In these countries, he mentioned, governments have long been involved in the ownership of dominant firms through various tools.

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