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Nurse accused in Santurtzi for simulating vaccination of 404 children

Mairenis Gomez

June 21, 2024 | 7:30 pm

A nurse from the Kabiezes health center, in Santurtzi, has been accused of damages and falsifying documents after simulating the vaccination of 404 minors

The case that has shocked Santurtzi and Bizkaia continues its course in court. A nurse at the Kabiezes health center has been prosecuted for damages. And documentary falsification after being accused of simulating the vaccination of children for more than a year. This situation has generated a strong impact on the community, concerned about the health and well-being of the affected minors.

The judge specifies that the person under investigation "discarded the vaccines of 404 minors" since February 2021 until September 2022. In the pediatric area of ​​the Kabiezes health center. The order is not final and an appeal can be filed against it.

A plot that affects hundreds of children

The Investigative Court number 4 of Barakaldo has decided to continue the proceedings against the nurse, who allegedly discarded the vaccines of 404 minors. According to the judge, the accused inserted the needles into the children's arms without injecting the contents, simulating vaccination. Later, she falsely noted that the children had been vaccinated in her records and medical records. This practice has generated significant harm, both in terms of public health and economics.

The value of the vaccines not supplied amounts to 26 euros, and the cost of replacing them has been 763,99 euros. as stated in the car. This fact has forced Osakidetza to restart the vaccination process for minors. Generating additional stress for families and health services.

Legal and social consequences

The judge's decision to move forward with the case implies that the Public Ministry and the accusing parties must rule on the opening of an oral trial or the dismissal within a period of 10 days. The community is attentive to this process, since the nurse's actions not only represent a serious violation of trust deposited in health professionals. But also a risk to public health.

Furthermore, the investigation has revealed that, during the period in question, the nurse worked in the pediatric area of ​​the Kabiezes health center. Where she carried out these fraudulent practices. The judge has highlighted the seriousness of the facts, indicating that it is a crime of document falsification that cannot go unpunished. This situation has opened a debate about controls and supervision in health centers, highlighting the need to strengthen surveillance measures to prevent similar events from being repeated.

The value of the vaccines not supplied amounts to 26 euros, and the cost of replacing them has been 763,99 euros

Impact on the community and preventive measures

The case has even generated a wave of indignation in Santurtzi and throughout the province of Bizkaia. The affected families are in a state of concern and distrust towards the health system. In response to this situation, health authorities have implemented preventive measures to improve internal controls. And ensure that all vaccination procedures are carried out correctly. These measures include stricter supervision of vaccination practices and continued training of healthcare personnel in professional ethics and appropriate medical procedures.

In short, the case of the nurse accused of simulating the vaccination of children in Santurtzi is a call for attention to strengthen controls and supervision in health centers. The community of Bizkaia expects justice and effective measures to ensure that the health and well-being of minors is always the top priority.

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