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Osakidetza launches the first digital briefcase for home care doctors

Osakidetza launches the first digital briefcase for home care doctors in the State

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 13, 2024 | 8:00 a.m.

Pioneering technology in home healthcare

Osakidetza has implemented an innovative tool for home care doctors in Bizkaia, called 'Maletik'. This digital briefcase will revolutionize the way healthcare professionals perform medical tests at home of patients, improving the quality and efficiency of care.

'Maletik' is a digital briefcase that includes a variety of advanced medical devices: electrocardiogram, spirometer, dermatoscope, otoscope, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, thermometer, tablet and an external battery. This technology will allow health professionals to perform and record medical tests directly in the medical record of the patient during home visits. In addition, it facilitates access to homes in difficult-to-reach rural areas, helping to eliminate inequities in medical care and providing greater support to chronic and elderly patients.

Implementation and acceptance

The 'Maletik' pilot project was carried out in the Biscayan OSIs of Uribe and Barrualde-Galdakao, with positive results for both health professionals and patients. Gotzone Sagardui, the Basque Minister of Health, highlighted the favorable reception and affirmed that this tool represents a significant step towards stronger, closer and more innovative primary care.

Osakidetza launches the first digital briefcase for home care doctors in the State

The implementation of 'Maletik' throughout the Osakidetza network represents a commitment to improving the quality of home care. The ability to perform and record medical tests in patients' homes not only improves efficiency, but also guarantees more personalized and precise attention. Additionally, facilitating access to rural areas promotes more equitable care for all patients, regardless of location.

With the acquisition of 170 'Maletik' units, designed in collaboration with technology companies in the sector and Primary Care professionals, Osakidetza is positioned as a leader in technological innovation in the field of health in the State. This tool not only optimizes the work of healthcare professionals, but also significantly improves the patient experience, ensuring that healthcare is more accessible and of high quality.

A promising future for home care

The introduction of 'Maletik' marks a milestone in home health care in Bizkaia and the State. This technological advance not only represents a significant improvement in the quality of care, but also underlines Osakidetza's commitment to innovation and equity in access to health services. Ultimately, 'Maletik' is a tool that promises to transform the way healthcare professionals provide care to patients in their homes, ensuring a healthier and more equitable future for all.

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