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Otxandiano will present his candidacy for Lehendakari

Mairenis Gomez

June 11, 2024 | 4:30 pm

In a strategic move within the Basque Parliament, Pello Otxandiano, member of EH Bildu, will run as a candidate for lehendakari in the next investiture debate

In Euskadi, the investiture system allows candidates to present themselves 'motu proprio' without the need to be proposed by the head of State or the president of the Chamber. This avoids blockages and electoral repetitions. The political table of EH Bildu has decided that Pello Otxandiano will present himself as a candidate for lehendakari in the investiture debate of Parliament Vasco next Thursday, June 20, although he has no real options against Imanol Pradales, who has the majority support of PNV and PSE-EE.

The investiture system in Euskadi: characteristics and benefits

In contrast to other autonomous systems such as those of Navarra or Catalonia, the Basque model allows any candidacy to be presented and the one that obtains the most votes to be elected. If a candidacy exceeds 38 votes in the first vote, it is declared the winner. If not, a second vote is held the next day.

This procedure eliminates the possibility of political blockages and avoids the repetition of elections, ensuring greater institutional stability. In this context, Otxandiano will have 90 minutes to present his alternative model, despite the foreseeable victory of Pradales.

EH Bildu and its strategy in the Basque Parliament

EH Bildu has used this system since entering the Basque Parliament in 2012. Previously, figures such as Laura Mintegi and Maddalen Iriarte also ran for lehendakari without any chance of winning. This mechanism gives the main opposition force more time to intervene in the investiture debate. Which allows you to present your country project and your alternative model.

In addition, the nationalist formation, which experienced significant growth in the last regional elections. She is critical of Pradales' decision to negotiate the continuity of the coalition between nationalists and socialists without consulting the other political forces.

Otxandiano's position and EH Bildu's criticism

Pello Otxandiano, in addition to being a candidate for Lehendakari, will serve as spokesperson for EH Bildu in Parliament during the legislature. Initially, Nerea Kortajarena had been proposed for this role, but it was she who announced Otxandiano's candidacy in an interview with Euskadi Irratia. In his statements, Kortajarena highlighted EH Bildu's responsibility to present an alternative. And he pointed out that, despite having 27 parliamentarians and being tied with PNV, their attempts at dialogue have been ignored.

Otxandiano will present his candidacy for lehendakari

Even, according to his words, the June 20 plenary session is seen by his opponents as a simple procedure, but for EH Bildu it represents an opportunity to demonstrate that there is a project for an alternative country and that the ways of doing politics must evolve.

Without a doubt, this approach highlights the need for a change in political dynamics and underlines the importance of offering citizens real and diverse options. Otxandiano's candidacy, although symbolic. It reflects EH Bildu's commitment to an inclusive and participatory policy. Oriented towards building a more just and equitable future for all Basques.

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