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PNV optimistic about elections: transfer of powers by Sánchez

PNV Optimistic before Elections Transfer of Powers by Sánchez in Process

Maria Jose Gonzalez

February 15, 2024 | 11:30 a.m.

In the complex political situation of the Basque Country, the transfer of powers by of the government from Pedro Sánchez to the Executive of Iñigo Urkullu is emerging as a strategic move on the eve of the Basque elections, this action, which includes the management of Cercanías, the homologation of foreign titles and part of the refugee reception system, is not only a step towards greater autonomy for Euskadi, but also a masterstroke by the PNV to strengthen its position against its political competitors, especially EH Bildu.

The implications of an expected transfer

PNV Optimistic before Elections Transfer of Powers by Sánchez in Process

The announcement of this transfer, which has been simmering, has a direct impact on the daily lives of Basque citizens. The management of Cercanías services, essential in urban areas such as Bilbao and San Sebastián, promises significant improvements under local administration. The homologation of university degrees, on the other hand, is a key issue, especially in the health sector, where streamlining this process could solve the shortage of medical personnel in Osakidetza. These transfers are not mere administrative changes; They are tangible improvements that the PNV can present as palpable achievements to its voters.

The transfer of the management of the reception of asylum seekers, Although it progresses more slowly, it is equally significant. This move not only reflects greater autonomy in the management of social issues by the Basque government, but is also a sensitive issue that may influence public perception of the PNV's ability to manage complex and humanitarian issues.

A delicate balance in Basque politics between the Sánchez Government and PNV

This process of transfer of powers is taking place in a delicate political context. For the PNV, these achievements are vital to reinforce its image as an effective and pragmatic party, capable of negotiating successfully in Madrid for the well-being of Euskadi. However, the situation also poses a challenge for its coalition partner, the PSE, which is relegated to the background in this negotiation.

The proximity of the Basque elections adds an additional dimension to this political maneuver. With EH Bildu hot on the heels of the PNV in the polls, every step, every decision, is analyzed and calibrated in terms of its potential electoral impact. The transfer of these powers from Sánchez is not only an administrative victory for the PNV; It is an electoral weapon that can tip the balance in your favor at a crucial moment.

The transfer of powers from the central Government of Sánchez to the Basque Government is a complex issue with multiple layers, it is not only a question of regional autonomy or improvement in the management of key services. It is also a mirror of the political dynamics in Euskadi, a reflection of the ability of the PNV to navigate the waters of national and regional politics, and an indicator of how political interests can be aligned with the needs of citizens. In a scenario where every move counts, the PNV seems to have played its cards shrewdly, preparing for an electoral contest where these transfers could be decisive.

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