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PNV presents Imanol Pradales as a candidate seen by his close environment

Imanol Pradales

Mairenis Gomez

April 11, 2024 | 8:00 a.m.

From rowing to politics: a trajectory of effort and commitment

From university classrooms to the waters of rowing, determination and the capacity for sacrifice have defined Imanol Pradales' path to politics. Friends and colleagues from different stages of his life share anecdotes and perspectives that reveal the character and dedication of Pradales, now PNV candidate. Their stories not only speak of their academic and sporting excellence, but also of their ability to lead and listen, indispensable qualities in their aspiration for vice president.

The drive behind the candidate: effort, dedication and vision

Imanol Pradales is not a new name in the circles of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV). His recent nomination as a candidate has sparked both interest and admiration among those who know him closely. Itsaso Egai, a friend and university classmate, is not surprised by her promotion. «Imanol has always been synonymous with dedication and excellence», he comments. The same excellence he displayed in the classroom was reflected in his passion for rowing, a sport that demands not only physical strength but also great commitment and discipline. «Rowing teaches you about sacrifice; "It requires training seven days a week," say former colleagues, highlighting how this discipline was transferred to their academic performance, always outstanding.

Someone always willing to help and listen

But beyond the medals and recognitions, what really defines Pradales is his ability to connect with people. Anecdotes about his university years paint him as someone always willing to help, to listen. A dinner among friends, where the joke that he would be lehendakari and Pradales vice-lehendakari, does not seem so far-fetched now. "Imanol values ​​small details, listens and asks for opinions", an essential quality for those who aspire to lead.

A commitment to Bilbao and Bizkaia: beyond politics

What stands out most about Imanol Pradales is his genuine interest in the well-being of the citizens of Bilbao and the entire province of Bizkaia.. This commitment transcends the political; it is a deep-rooted desire to contribute and make a difference in the community where he grew up. His career, from the intense days at the rowing club to the long hours of study and collaborative work, is a testament to his ability to take on challenges and overcome them.

Imanol Pradales
Determination and the ability to sacrifice have defined the path

A leader forged between challenges and hopes

Undoubtedly, Pradales' candidacy for the PNV not only reflects his personal history of effort and dedication but also his vision of the future for the region. With a campaign that is anticipated to focus on dialogue and inclusion, it seeks to resonate with the needs and aspirations of the citizens of Bilbao and Bizkaia. The story of Pradales is, in many ways, the story of an unwavering commitment to its community, one that begins in classrooms and rivers, but promises to extend far beyond.

In every conversation, every anecdote shared, a clear image of Pradales emerges, that of a dedicated, understanding leader resolutely focused on the progress of his people.. As his campaign takes shape, the citizens of Bilbao and Bizkaia have the opportunity to meet a candidate who not only understands their challenges but has lived through similar experiences, forging in the process a resilience and a perspective that promises to carry into politics. regional to new horizons.

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