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The 'poke' is the healthy gastronomic trend of the moment

Miguel Castillo

May 1, 2023 | 10:00 a.m.

Restaurants specializing in poke grow 50% this year, driven by its versatility and flavor

The 'poke', a dish of Hawaiian origin that combines rice with raw fish and other healthy ingredients, is conquering Spain with a 50% increase in specialized restaurants so far this year. The poke supply has experienced remarkable growth in the country, thanks to its delicious flavor and its healthy properties.

Rise of poke restaurants

In total, the number of restaurants specializing in poke or offering at least three poke dishes It has increased by 50% in Spain this year, according to data from the reservation platform TheFork (ElTenedor). The trend boomed last year, when the volume of poke restaurants doubled from 2021.

Social networks and homemade recipes

Poke is not only popular in restaurants, but also has gained prominence on social media, where numerous recipes are shared to prepare this dish at home. These posts rack up thousands of views, proving the growing popularity of this healthy dish.

Versatility and on-the-go options

The combination of healthy ingredients such as rice, fish, avocado, quinoa, pineapple, and mango make poke an ideal choice for lunch or dinner. Besides, Your presence on home delivery platforms makes poke a quick and healthy alternative to take away, as opposed to other less healthy options.

Supermarkets and bookings on the rise

Supermarkets have also jumped on the poke trend, offering pre-prepared and ready-to-eat options in their prepared food sections. The increase in poke consumption is reflected in reservations made in specialized restaurants, which have represented 8% of reservations made in Spain to date, the highest figure in recent years.

Madrid and Barcelona lead the offer of poke

Currently, the cities with the highest poke supply are Madrid and Barcelona, promoted by groups like Healthy Poke. Ainhoa ​​Soria, Communications Director of TheFork in Iberia, has highlighted the importance of poke on restaurant menus and the great reception it is having in Spain as a healthy fast food option.

Obama's push for poke fashion

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, was the unwitting promoter of this gastronomic trend that has gone around the world. It was when Obama recognized that he was a great fan of poke when this dish began to become popular and reach the menus of conventional restaurants. The poke has its roots in the indigenous groups of Hawaii, who used the raw fish they caught to include it in this dish that has become a reference in the fast and healthy cooking

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