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PP calls for demonstration against Pedro Sánchez on March 26

Jesus Carames

May 6, 2024 | 2:49 p.m.

The Popular Party (PP), led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has announced the call for a demonstration in Madrid for next May 26, just after the Catalan elections and before the European elections. This mobilization, according to Feijóo, seeks to protest against the policies of the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, and defend values ​​​​such as democracy, judicial independence and freedom of the press.

Context of the demonstration

According to Feijóo, this demonstration is a response to what he considers harmful government management by Pedro Sánchez and his government. The PP has harshly criticized the actions of the PSOE in relation to issues such as the alleged amnesty, the spread of hoaxes and corruption. This will be one of the several demonstrations that the PP has organized in the last year, where they claim to have mobilized more than three million people in different events throughout Spain.

Vox's response

On the other hand, Vox, the far-right party led by Santiago Abascal, has intensified its pressure on the PP so that it breaks any type of relationship or negotiation with the Sánchez Government. Abascal, in an open letter to Feijóo, has urged the PP to adopt a common strategy with Vox and finalize the agreements that, according to him, favor the PSOE. This request includes the paralysis of negotiations regarding judicial management and the strengthening of alliances between PP and Vox in regional and local governments.

Political implications

The call for this demonstration by the PP and the letter from Vox reflect the current political tension in Spain, with the Catalan and European electoral panorama on the near horizon. These actions also highlight the divergent and sometimes conflicting strategies between the PP and Vox, two of the main forces of the Spanish right. While Feijóo seeks to position the PP as a firm alternative to the PSOE, Vox attempts to further radicalize the PP's position towards more extreme positions.

The May 26 demonstration will undoubtedly be a crucial moment for the PP in its attempt to consolidate its political message and mobilize its base against the policies of the current government. In addition, it will serve as a barometer of the influence and mobilization capacity of the Spanish right in a year full of significant electoral events.

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