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PSOE requests the resignation of the president of Parliament and urges the PP to reject neo-fascism

PSOE requests the resignation of the president of Parliament and urges the PP to reject neo-fascism

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 19, 2024 | 12:05 pm

The president of the Balearic Parliament, Gabriel Le Senne, sparks controversy by tearing up the photo of victims of Franco's regime

The recent act of Gabriel Le Senne, president of the Balearic Parliament of Vox, has generated great controversy and a wave of condemnations. In the middle of parliament, he tore up the photo of Aurora Picornell and the Roges del Molinar, women retaliated by Franco's regime. This incident has provoked an immediate response from the PSOE, who has requested his resignation and has urged the Popular Party to distance itself from Vox and its ideology, which they describe as "neofascist."

The reaction of the PSOE was immediate. Through their social networks, they expressed their condemnation and absolute rejection of Le Senne's attitude. They consider that breaking the image of Aurora Picornell, shot during the Franco regime, is not only an act of violence, but also a direct attack on freedom of expression and democratic memory. This fact, they point out, is a consequence of the coalition governments between PP and Vox in different autonomies.

PSOE requests the resignation of the president of Parliament and urges the PP to reject neo-fascism

The socialists emphasize that the pacts between PP and Vox are causing a significant setback where they govern. They accuse these two formations of merging into an "ultra-right" that, instead of addressing citizens' problems, is obsessed with whitewashing Francoism. In this sense, the PSOE demands a clear separation of the PP from Vox, urging them to follow the example of their French counterparts.

Lamentations and condemnations from the central government

In the Senate, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory, Ángel Víctor Torres, also described what happened in the Balearic Parliament as "regrettable." He stressed that a president of parliament, as an institutional position, should moderate the debate and not engage in acts of violence such as tearing up a photo of victims of Franco's regime.

Torres stressed that Le Senne's attitude contradicts the democratic recovery and the defense of justice and reparation for the victims of Franco's regime.. He expressed his astonishment and rejection at such behavior, considering it a serious violation of the historical memory of Spain. Torres affirmed that an act of such magnitude deserves the condemnation of any democrat and called for a firm response at the institutional level.

The incident and its impact on regional politics

Le Senne's act occurred during a session in which the repeal of the Democratic Memory Law in the Balearic Islands was debated. He justified his action by arguing that the Parliament table should remain neutral, although he acknowledged that the spectacle was inevitable. This incident has reinforced the parliamentary alliance between PP and Vox in matters of historical memory, a trend that is also observed in other autonomous communities such as the Valencian Community, Aragon and Castilla y León, where both parties govern in coalition.

The breaking of the photo of Picornell and the Roges del Molinar symbolizes a direct challenge to the advances in historical memory and the fight against Francoism in Spain. This incident has not only provoked an immediate response from the PSOE and the central government, but has also highlighted the fragility of the political pacts that try to whitewash one of the darkest periods in Spanish history.

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