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Robert Kennedy Jr. and his surprising opinion on the war in Ukraine

Maria Jose Gonzalez

June 3, 2023 | 6:00 pm

US presidential candidate Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. he has made public his views on the war and US foreign policy. In a recent social media post, Kennedy sharply criticized his country's military intervention in foreign conflicts and vowed to end such practices if he is elected.

A critique of American foreign policy

Kennedy argues that the war is part of a "grand strategic plan to destroy any country that resisted US imperial expansion." According to him, the political and administrative leaders of the United States are fully aware that wars are provoked and use this strategy to advance their geopolitical objectives.

The presidential candidate accuses the Administration of dragging the country into war under false pretenses and of having "the blood of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians on its hands." In addition, he criticizes the spending of 100.000 billion dollars by US taxpayers in these conflicts.

Promises of change and non-intervention

Kennedy promises a radical change in the foreign policy of the United States if he is elected. His proposal includes ending the war and disbanding the CIA, a promise that goes beyond the non-intervention proposals of other politicians, such as Donald Trump.

The presidential candidate suggests that the United States should concentrate on its own affairs and end any military involvement in foreign conflicts. This hands-off stance is a direct criticism of the foreign policy of the past few decades and could mark a significant change in the way the United States interacts with the world.

In short, Robert Kennedy Jr. offers a vision of non-intervention and criticism of the foreign policy of the United States. His stance, while controversial, could appeal to voters weary of wars and their country's military intervention in foreign conflicts.

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