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SoftBank introduces AI to soften voices of angry customers

Mairenis Gomez

June 19, 2024 | 7:00 pm

SoftBank has taken an innovative step by introducing artificial intelligence technology aimed at calming customer voices

SoftBank plans to introduce a technology of “emotion cancellation” driven by artificial intelligence, that will alter angry customers' voices during calls without their permission, making them sound calmer.

In addition, it has announced a surprising technological advance. They are going to implement artificial intelligence designed to calm the voices of angry customers during phone calls. This technology, known as "emotion cancellation." It has been developed by the SoftBank team led by Toshiyuki Nakatani. The system adjusts the tone and timbre of the client's voice in real time, keeping the content of the speech intact but softening its emotional tone.

SoftBank technology to reduce stress and combat customer harassment in Japan

The idea behind this innovation is to help reduce stress for customer service employees who often face difficult and emotionally charged situations. Japan has seen a rise in “kasu-hara,” or customer harassment, a problem that includes verbal abuse and unreasonable demands. SoftBank's new technology aims to alleviate some of this emotional burden, improving the work environment for workers in the service sector.

The importance of managing customer harassment in the service sector and the ethical implications of this advanced softbank technology

“Kasu-hara” has become a serious challenge for companies in Japan. Employees often find themselves under pressure due to verbal aggressiveness from customers. This SoftBank technology can represent a significant change in the way companies handle these situations. By softening the tone of conversations, employees can resolve problems more efficiently and with less stress.

However, the implementation of this technology also raises important ethical questions. Manipulate customers' voices without their consent. It could be seen as a violation of your right to free expression. Although the objective is positive, It is crucial to consider the ethical and legal implications of using such technology without the explicit consent of the users. This ethical debate cannot be ignored. Since it could have significant repercussions on the acceptance and application of this technology globally.

SoftBank plans to introduce AI-powered “emotion cancellation” technology

The potential impact of softbank's emotion cancellation technology on global customer service and stress management

SoftBank's emotion cancellation technology, although initially intended for the Japanese market. It has the potential to be adopted globally. Businesses around the world could benefit by improving the customer service experience and reducing stress for their employees. However, it is essential that these implementations are carried out transparently and with the consent of users to avoid ethical and legal problems.

Ultimately, SoftBank's initiative represents a significant technological advance in managing difficult customer interactions. By softening the tone of conversations without altering the content, the goal is to protect employees from the stress caused by verbal harassment. Lack of client consent could lead to controversy and ethical debates. A balance needs to be found between protecting employees and respecting customer rights. So that this technology is adopted ethically and effectively.

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