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The hidden truth behind the falcon's trips to the Dominican Republic

The hidden truth behind the falcon's trips to the Dominican Republic

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 21, 2024 | 9:15 p.m.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, clarifies the use of official planes and denies accusations from the PP

In the last weeks, The Popular Party (PP) has launched a series of accusations about the use of official planes by the Government and the Royal House. The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has come forward to deny these accusations and clarify the situation. According to the PP, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and other members of the Executive have made at least forty flights in the Falcon, generating controversy and suspicion among citizens.

Robles, visibly tired of the repeated accusations, has provided a series of details to clarify the truth. Of the forty flights mentioned by the PP, 34 were simply refueling stops, while only four were effective flights. This revelation significantly changes the narrative that has been handled in recent weeks.

Of the four effective flights, one was made by President Pedro Sánchez to attend the Summit of Ibero-American Countries in the Dominican Republic. Another flight was used by the King, and the remaining two corresponded to the foreign minister. All these flights had a reason, since they were related to official and diplomatic commitments of high relevance.

The hidden truth behind the falcon's trips to the Dominican Republic

The age of the Falcon aircraft and their maintenance: A reality ignored by the PP

The Falcon aircraft used by both the Royal Family and the Government are the Falcon 900 model, which is more than 30 years old.. Despite their age, these aircraft have been subjected to constant modernization and maintenance processes. Over the last four years, the Ministry of Defense has invested €24 million to ensure that these aircraft remain operational and safe.

The limited autonomy of these aircraft, approximately eight hours, requires stops during long flights, like those carried out towards Latin America. This technical factor is essential to understand why so many refueling stops are made and should not be confused with improper use of resources.

The 45th Group of the Air Force is in charge of managing these aircraft. In addition to the Falcon 900, this group has two Airbus, which have greater autonomy and passenger capacity. These Airbuses are mainly used for longer trips and humanitarian aid missions, highlighting their importance in the State's logistics.

The controversy raised by the PP has diverted attention from the operational and logistical reality surrounding the use of these official aircraft. Accusations of misuse do not take into account the need for these flights to fulfill international commitments and diplomatic missions, essential to maintain the country's foreign relations.

Robles has emphasized the transparency with which these resources are managed and has called not to politicize issues that are of national interest. Official aircraft play a crucial role in Spanish foreign policy, and its use is fully justified within the parameters of legality and operational necessity.

Hen/Stag PP accusations about the use of Falcon planes by the Government and the Royal Family lack solid foundation. The information provided by the Minister of Defense shows that the majority of the flights were refueling stops and that the actual flights had justifiable reasons. Furthermore, the age of the aircraft and their constant maintenance underline the responsibility with which these resources are managed. It is essential that citizens understand the reality behind these accusations and that the work of those who ensure the operation of these official flights is valued.

The importance of official aircraft in Spanish foreign policy and the transparent management of the Ministry of Defense

The narrative constructed by the PP has been effective in generating doubts and controversy, but it does not withstand a detailed analysis of the facts. The foreign policy of a country like Spain requires tools and resources that allow its representatives to fulfill their responsibilities in the international arena.. Official planes, although expensive, are necessary to ensure that the president, the king and other senior officials can attend events and meetings crucial to the country.

El Ministry of Defense, under the direction of Margarita Robles, has demonstrated a commitment to transparency and efficiency in the management of these resources. The citizens of Bizkaia and all of Spain must be informed about the truth behind these accusations and trust that State resources are used in a responsible and justified manner.

The use of official aircraft is a complex issue that should not be simplified to score political points. It is essential that discussions be based on verifiable facts and not unfounded speculation. Minister Robles has taken an important step in clarifying the situation, and it is crucial that citizens understand and value the importance of these resources in Spanish foreign policy.

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