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The PNV demands the Basque vote in Europe to stop the ultras

The PNV demands the Basque vote in Europe to stop the ultras

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 24, 2024 | 12:30 p.m.

The PNV starts the European campaign in the Bidasoa River

El Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) has started its campaign for the European elections of June 9 on Paseo de Butrón, in Hondarribia, highlighting its uniqueness by appearing in the seven Basque herrialdes with its own acronym. This unique position is reinforced by the EH Bai's decision, the brand of the nationalist left in Iparralde, of not taking their ballot to schools in the French State. Andoni Ortuzar, president of the EBB, stressed that the PNV is “the only zazpiak bat of these elections”, emphasizing the opportunities that Europe offers to strengthen relations and recognition of Euskadi and its language.

Oihane Agirregoitia, head of the PNV list, defended the creation of an Atlantic macro-region that includes the Basque autonomous community, Navarra and New Aquitaine to act as a lobby in Europe and protect their common interests. Agirregoitia criticized the border closures imposed by the French government that have affected the Basque population, advocating for a Europe without barriers that divide people. The concern about abstention is palpable, and the PNV urges the mobilization of the electorate with a clear message: prevent the ultras from “ruining” Europe.

A genuine Euskadi project in Europe

The PNV claims to be the authentic voice of Euskadi in the European Union, not only because the Lehendakari José Antonio Aguirre was at the genesis of the European project, but also because it is present in the seven territories. In Hegoalde, it does so through the Ceus Coalition, led by Oihane Agirregoitia, which can be voted in the Basque autonomous community, Navarra and throughout the Spanish State, given that the elections are held by a single constituency. In Iparralde, the PNV participates in the Écologie Positive et Territoires coalition, with Jean Tellechea as a candidate in ninth position. Tellechea highlighted that a Euskadi without borders is possible thanks to Europe and pointed out crucial challenges such as agriculture and the ecological transition, also relevant in Iparralde.

The PNV demands the Basque vote in Europe to stop the ultras

For its part, EH Bild participates in the Spanish State with the Ahora Repúblicas coalition, led by ERC, but has not managed to consolidate an alliance in Iparralde. Although he leads Oier Imaz from EH Bai in a position without exit options, your ballot will not be available in the Iparralde schools, which limits the nationalist vote in that region.

The threat of abstention and the need for mobilization

The PNV faces the challenge of mobilizing voters and making them see the importance of the decisions made in Brussels and Strasbourg. This election, marked by the threat of abstention, requires a significant effort to attract attention in a complex context. Besides, The PSOE will try to polarize the debate with the extreme right, exacerbating the conflict with the Argentine president, Javier Milei.

The PNV leads the Coalition for a Solidarity Europe (Ceus), in alliance with the Canarian Coalition, Geroa Bai and Proposta per les Illes, with support from former members of Convergència, Galician and Valencian partners. Five years ago, the PNV obtained a seat with Izaskun Bilbao and more than 600.000 ballots throughout the State. This year, without the coincidence with the municipal and provincial elections, participation could be lower, which would reduce the number of votes necessary to obtain a seat.

The PNV seeks to focus the debate on Europe, preventing it from becoming a second round of the Spanish or Basque elections, and highlighting its presence in the seven territories. In an event with interventions by Lehendakari Urkullu and the candidates Aitana Agirre and Rakel Molina, Ortuzar emphasized that for the PNV, the Bidasoa River is not a border, but a union of two banks of the same town, Euskadi.

The importance of stopping ultras

Ortuzar called for mobilization, highlighting that the vote is crucial for Europe continues to advance and does not fall into the hands of leaders like Abascal, Meloni or Le Pen, which could lead the continent to disaster. He stressed that the PNV and the Ceus coalition must be present to prevent the ultras from ruining Europe.

Oihane Agirregoitia also called for mobilization against the ultras and promoted the “real and concrete proposals” of the PNV. He defended a strong Europe, united in its diversity, and advocated for the management of Next Generation funds from the Basque Country, a Europe without borders, the Atlantic macro-region and the direct participation of the regions with legislative powers. He also claimed the official status of Basque, reflecting the PNV's commitment to a Europe that respects and celebrates its cultural and linguistic diversity.

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