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The PNV wants to cement the victory in the fishing ground on the left bank

The PNV focuses its electoral strategy on the left bank and the left zone of Vizcaya, choosing Imanol Pradales as a candidate to counter Bildu in Gipuzkoa.

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 29, 2023 | 11:30 a.m.

The PNV focuses on strengthening its electoral presence in strategic areas

In a tactical and strategic move, the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) directs its efforts towards consolidating its victory on the left bank and in the left zone of Vizcaya such as supporting Imanol Pradales as a candidate for lehendakari. This decision seems to be driven by fear of a possible triumph of EH Bild in Gipuzkoa, which has generated a reorientation of its political strategies. The PNV, aware of the importance of these territories in the electoral panorama, seeks to strengthen its influence and support among voters in these areas.

Imanol Pradales, a key figure in the PNV strategy

The election of Imanol Pradales, originally from Santurtzi, as a candidate for lehendakari, is a clear reflection of this strategy. Pradales, with his connection to the region, could be a fundamental piece in the PNV's effort to win votes on the left bank. Your profile and origin can play a crucial role in connecting with voters in these areas, which could be decisive in the outcome of the next elections.

Reaction of PNV voters in Bizkaia to this political move

The PNV's decision to focus its efforts on the left bank and elect Pradales could have different repercussions among the party's voters in other areas of Bizkaia. It is crucial to analyze how this strategy will be received by its traditional electoral base and whether it will influence the cohesion and support of the party at the regional level.

In summary, the PNV's strategy of focusing on the left bank and the left zone of Vizcaya, as well as the election of Imanol Pradales as lehendakari, are movements that reflect a detailed analysis of the current political landscape. These decisions underscore the importance of adapting political strategies to specific regional and demographic contexts to ensure electoral success.

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