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The PSE wants a Health Department of the Basque Government

Mairenis Gomez

June 13, 2024 | 4:00 pm

The leader of the PSE-EE wants to preserve a critical profile with the PNV and also appeals to reasons of family conciliation

The leader of the PSE-EE, Eneko Andueza, has confirmed on Radio Euskadi that he will not enter the new Basque Government of Imanol Pradales, in which there will be socialist councilors along with those from the PNV. In addition to family conciliation reasons, he wants to maintain his own voice outside the Executive, as has happened in recent years. Everything indicates that Denis Itxaso, former Government delegate, will be the new strong man of the socialist part of the future cabinet, who will be presented after the Lehendakari takes office in Gernika on Saturday, June 22.

Andueza's decision not to be part of the Basque Government reflects his commitment to family conciliation and his desire to maintain a critical profile

«My presence in the Government is not essential. I have decided to dedicate myself to party coordination. And we politicians have to lead by example. I have four children at home and my domestic tasks to take care of,” Andueza explained. The PSE-EE and the PNV already have a preliminary agreement for a third term of shared Government in Euskadi. It was announced on Monday and the program and structure remain to be defined. Precisely since this Thursday the bases are ratifying that alliance with the nationalists.

The evolution of the socialist role in the Basque Government has been significant, going from a low profile in 2016 to a more prominent presence in 2020

In 2016, the then socialist leader, Idoia Mendia, did not enter the Government and the socialist part had a low profile: three portfolios and 4% of the budget. In 2020, Mendia did want to be a counselor and also did so with the rank of vice president. Furthermore, the new areas reached 15% of the budget. Andueza was appointed as Mendia's replacement midway through the legislature and became 'de facto' bicephalous. Andueza has taken advantage of it to have a critical discourse with the PNV in matters such as Health or Education. He feels that this has brought him electoral successes, such as improvement in the regional elections compared to the fall of his partner, victory in the general elections or second place in the European elections, in both cases above the PNV.

The new Basque Government continues negotiating the distribution of areas, with increasing weight for the PSE-EE

Both parties continue negotiating these days the distribution of areas. The PSE-EE will have more weight. There will be at least four portfolios. Andueza, in the same interview, wanted to play the game of distraction but has even opened the door to taking on Salud's hot potato. «I see the PSE-EE managing any portfolio. The PSE-EE is not afraid to assume any responsibility. If at this moment we had to assume that responsibility [for Osakidetza], we wouldn't be afraid at all. The PNV, in view of the results, will also have a thorn in its side," he said.

The leader of the PSE-EE, Eneko Andueza, has confirmed on Radio Euskadi that he will not join the new Government

The history of the PSE-EE in the management of Basque Health supports its ability to assume the Health portfolio in the new Government

Furthermore, he added that a socialist, José Manuel Freire, managed the launch of Osakidetza - against this there was also a criminal case for fraud in some competitions and that another socialist, Rafael Bengoa, gave prestige to the Basque Health Service between 2009 and 2012. Until now, the PSE-EE has had the areas of Labor and Employment, Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport and Tourism, Commerce and Consumption. Without a doubt, the future of the Basque Government and the participation of the PSE-EE are full of challenges and opportunities.

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