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"Together we can": Split in Podemos?

Jesus Carames

June 8, 2023 | 7:40 pm

An Unexpected Player in the Political Field

A new player has entered the Spanish political field. It is called "Together we can" and, curiously, it has its roots in Podemos. Carlos Gil Cuevas, member of the Podemos Citizen Council and provincial co-leader in Segovia, is the figure behind this new party. What is more intriguing is that the party has its registered office at the Podemos headquarters in Madrid, at Calle Francisco Villaespesa 18.

We can: In the Shadow or in the Dark?

Is Podemos in the shadow of this new party or simply in the dark? Internal sources affirm that they were not aware of this operation and that they are working on "correcting" the error. They have established contact with the Ministry of the Interior, led by Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to try to cancel the registration. The current situation is presented with an air of intrigue and speculation.

The Formalization of the Registry and its Implications

To formalize the registration with the Ministry of the Interior, Gil Cuevas had to provide a logo, an email address and an official website for “Juntas sí se puede”. This formalization process it not only legitimizes the party, but also adds an additional layer of complexity to Spanish politics.

A Decisive Friday for Electoral Coalitions

On Friday, June 9 at 23:59 p.m., the registration period for all electoral coalitions closes. If Podemos has intentions of confluence with Sumar, this new party can complicate things. In case an alliance is formed, they will not be able to present another independent list afterwards.

Reflections on the Potential Impact on Podemos

The appearance of "Together we can" may have significant implications for Podemos. At the very least, it creates confusion and raises questions about transparency within the party. Beyond that, the development may have repercussions on the electoral strategy and the alliances of Podemos.

Anticipating the Future of “Together we can”

Despite the initial confusion, the arrival of “Juntas sí se puede” to the Spanish political arena is undoubtedly a story to follow. Will this new party be able to mark its own path and separate from the shadow of Podemos? How will the public react to this new entrant in the July 23 general election? Only time will tell.

The last word

In a political scenario as varied and constantly evolving as Spain's, "Juntas sí se puede" is a reminder that nothing is certain. From its origins within Podemos to its possible impact on future electoral coalitions, this new party is destined to make waves in the Spanish political landscape.

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