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Union on the French left, the Popular Front is born to confront the extreme right

Union on the French left, a Popular Front is born to confront the elections

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 14, 2024 | 2:09 pm

Left-wing forces unite in a historic Popular Front for the French legislative elections

The main forces of the left French have reached a historic agreement to form a new Popular Front, destined to confront the extreme right in the next legislative elections. The union, which includes parties such as The Ecologists, France Insoumise, the French Communist Party and the Socialist Party, seeks to stop the rise of Marine Le Pen's National Rally.

The agreement between the leftist forces not only covers single candidacies in all constituencies, but also an ambitious joint government program. This program, described as "breakthrough", includes concrete measures and realists who seek to significantly change the lives of the French. The coalition has prepared proposals for the first 100 days of government, focused on responding to the most urgent needs of the population.

The objective: stop the rise of the extreme right

The main objective of the creation of this Popular Front is to stop the advance of the extreme right in France. The signatory parties are working to include associations, unions and personalities in this movement from various fields, thus seeking to strengthen its position. "From now on, the coming to power of the National Rally is no longer inevitable!" declares the joint statement, widely disseminated on social networks by the parties involved.

Union on the French left, a Popular Front is born to confront the elections

President Emmanuel Macron decided to dissolve the National Assembly after the victory of the far right in the European elections. The next legislative elections, which will be held in two rounds on June 30 and July 7, are presented as a direct confrontation between the new left-wing coalition and Marine Le Pen's formation, which is the favorite.

A historical legacy: the Popular Front of 1936

The name of the new coalition is reminiscent of the Popular Front of 1936, a union of leftist parties that responded to the spread of fascism in Europe and achieved a historic victory in that year's elections. Although that coalition disappeared in 1938, its legacy inspires this new union, which seeks to offer a solid and united alternative in the face of current challenges.

The creation of the new French Popular Front represents a significant milestone in the country's politics. This union of the main leftist forces not only seeks to win the elections, but also to offer a renewed and hopeful vision for the future of France. With an ambitious program and a firm commitment, the Popular Front is positioned as a real alternative to face the political and social challenges of the present.

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