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Utrecht prohibits the purchase of homes to rent

prohibits second homes

Mairenis Gomez

January 30, 2024 | 6:48 p.m.

Benefiting owners who become emancipated

In Utrecht, a revolutionary law has completely transformed the market real estate. This regulation, implemented almost two years ago, has redefined the rules of the game in the purchase of homes. With a direct and effective approach, the law prohibits the acquisition of second homes, which has resulted in a significant and positive change for aspiring first home owners.

Promoting occupancy and accessibility to housing

This local law established a prohibition on purchasing a second home unless the buyer or an immediate family member occupied it.. This strategic move had a clear objective, to reduce the number of empty or rental homes, thus opening the market to young people and those trying to access their first property.

Success of the restriction in Utrecht

Recently, the mayor of Utrecht, Sharon Dijksma, expressed her satisfaction at seeing the positive results of this restriction. The data is eloquent, The majority of properties sold in the last two years have been purchased by buyers who actually reside there.. This contrasts significantly with the previous scenario, where a considerable part of the properties were allocated for rental.

Impact on affordable housing and encouraging statistics

In addition, The ban applies to homes with a value of up to 587.000 euros, a price range accessible to many first-time buyers. This measure has turned out to be a resounding success. According to data from the Dutch Property Registry, 78% of the homes sold were purchased by residents, while only 11% fell into the hands of investors.

Comparing these numbers with the situation from 2018-2021 reveals a substantial and positive change. The proportion of properties bought to let has fallen dramatically, from 13% to just 2% this year. What's more, investors have been virtually excluded from the lower-priced housing segment, which has greatly benefited new buyers.

prohibits second homes
A revolutionary law has completely transformed the real estate market

Growing participation in the real estate market

The impact of the measure on first-time buyers is notable. In the last six months of 2021, 46% of homes sold were purchased by first-time buyers. This figure increased to 53% in the last six months of 2023.

Projection towards the future

The Utrecht government is not stopping here and is already planning to update the regulations to increase the property value limit to 716.000 euros. This action would protect approximately 80% of local homes from being purchased solely as an investment. This proactive approach is not only a model for other cities but also a beacon of hope for those who dream of owning their own home.

A beacon of inspiration for 21st century housing policies

Utrecht is thus positioned as an example to follow in housing policies, showing how a city can take concrete steps to support its youngest and most vulnerable residents in accessing housing. This case not only reflects a growing trend in urban planning and public policy development, but also highlights the importance of adapting strategies to the specific needs of the population.

Undoubtedly, Utrecht's success could inspire other cities to consider similar measures. Opening a new chapter in the way the housing challenge is addressed in the 21st century. This case illustrates the importance of innovative, people-centered policies to address contemporary urban challenges, offering a valuable lesson for communities around the world.

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