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Vote by mail 23J: A comprehensive analysis of the key dates and requirements

Maria Jose Gonzalez

June 11, 2023 | 8:36 pm

The essential dates to vote by mail

Democracy is a fundamental right that citizens must exercise responsibly and conscientiously. To this end, the electoral system offers various voting modalities, including voting by mail. For him 23J, it is crucial to know a few key dates.

The application to vote by mail can be made until July 13, thus allowing citizens a considerable margin of time to manage this procedure. Regarding the sending of the vote, the last day to do so is July 20. These dates are fixed and are intended to guarantee the correct processing of all votes cast by mail.

The process of requesting and submitting a vote by mail

The request to vote by mail must be made through the Post Office, and it is essential to do so in person. The citizen must present himself with his ID at a Post Office to request this type of vote, according to the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (LOREG).

This process allows the electoral system to verify the identity of each voter, which is essential to maintain the integrity of the election. The Central Electoral Board (Jec) has decided that the DNI must also be shown when delivering the vote. This measure is added to the existing ones to guarantee that each vote cast corresponds to a registered citizen.

Why is participation through voting by mail vital?

Voting by mail is an essential option that allows citizens to exercise their right to vote, despite not being able to go to the polls on election day. Whether for health reasons, work commitments, absence from the place of residence or any other circumstance that prevents attendance in person.

Citizen participation is the cornerstone of any democracy. Therefore, it is vital that all citizens know and understand the options available to exercise their vote. In this sense, voting by mail is presented as a safe, accessible and effective alternative to guarantee participation in the electoral process.

In conclusion, the next 23J elections are just around the corner. For citizens who want or need to exercise their right to vote through the mail, it is essential to keep in mind the key dates: until July 13 to request the ballot and July 20 as the last day to send it. Remember, every vote counts and every voice must be heard.

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