April 17th 2024 | 4:14


Podemos, Sumar Mugimendua, Equo and Ezker Anitza are close to reaching 500 signatures for a single electoral list

Podemos, Sumar Mugimendua, Equo and Ezker Anitza are close to reaching 500 signatures for a single electoral list

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 20, 2024 | 2:06 p.m.

In the political landscape of Euskadi, we are witnessing a significant movement that could change the course of the next regional elections. ORA group of more than 50 left-wing supporters and militants has started collecting signatures to promote a unitary electoral list between Podemos, Sumar Mugimendua, Equo and Ezker Anitza. So far, they have achieved close to 500 supports, a number that reflects growing interest in this initiative. This effort represents not sjust a search for unity within the left, but also an attempt to strengthen its presence and relevance in the Basque political landscape.

The unity of the left in Euskadi: a strategy to strengthen the political space of Sumar Mugimendua

The proposal of this coalition arises in a context where the fragmentation of the left could lead to unfavorable electoral results. The recent Galician elections and the polls on the next Basque regional elections suggest that, by running separately, both Sumar Mugimendua and Podemos could face difficulties in exceeding the electoral threshold. This reality has led the promoters of the initiative to raise the need to join forces. Their argument is clear: by working together, these parties could not only avoid the dispersion of the progressive vote, but also ensure stronger and more effective representation in the Basque parliament.

The actual situation, where polls show that none of the parties separately clearly exceeds the 3% threshold, highlighting the importance of this alliance. The possibility that both parties end up sharing the space of the mixed group, possibly together with VOX, is a real concern for their supporters. The union, therefore, is not only a political strategy, but also a response to an electoral scenario that could result in a weakening of the left in Euskadi.

The relevance of exceeding the electoral threshold and ensuring a strong presence in parliament

The analysis of electoral data and surveys reveals that the formation of a joint list could be the key to exceeding the 3% threshold in each historical territory of Euskadi. According to the promoters of the initiative, a unitary list would not only guarantee exceeding this threshold, but would also significantly increase the chances of obtaining a more robust parliamentary representation, with an estimated 5 to 6 seats. This provision goes beyond simply ensuring a presence in Sumar Mugimendua's parliament, it is about consolidating a political bloc that can effectively influence the decisions and policies of the region.

This initiative, beyond electoral strategies and calculations, reflects a broader political reality. In a context of withdrawal and conservatism, where common sense seems to lean towards more traditional options, the union of these progressive forces is seen as a prevailing necessity. The D'Hont Law, with its requirement of 3% of the vote in each territory, is not only a mathematical challenge, but also a call to action for those seeking a fairer and more equitable representation of the diverse voices in Euskadi.

This movement towards the unity of the left in Euskadi is a reflection of the challenges and opportunities facing the progressive political space in the region. It's not just about adding votes or exceeding thresholds; It is an effort to build a coherent and solid political project that can respond effectively to the needs and expectations of their constituents. With the union of Podemos, Sumar Mugimendua, Equo and Ezker Anitza, a new chapter opens in Basque politics, one that could mark a before and after in the way in which the left presents itself and acts on the political scene.

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