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Zinebi pays tribute to Frederick Wiseman: the artist who revolutionized documentary

Frederick Wiseman, renowned master of documentary.

Jeickson Sulbaran

October 10, 2023 | 5:30 p.m.

Wiseman: An Unmistakable Icon in the Documentary World

Frederick Wiseman, born in 1930 in Boston, Massachusetts, has emerged as an irreplaceable pillar in cinematography documentary contemporary. Although his catalog consists of almost 50 feature films, his foray into this artistic genre materialized in a way that revolutionized not only the way of watching documentaries, but also of creating them.

Within his work is the famous «Titicut Follies» (1967), which unraveled the ins and outs of life in a psychiatric prison, or “Juvenile Court” (1973), which similarly shed light on the American juvenile justice system. However, Wiseman's true genius lies not only in the subjects he chose, but also in the way he approached them.

Subjectivity, Versatility and Evolution

In a world where cinema was saturated by pretentious objectivity, Wiseman ventured down a different path, accepting and embracing the subjectivity inherent to cinematographic creation. Unlike his contemporaries, such as DA Pennebaker or Richard Leacock, Wiseman made no secret of the fact that every shot, every cut, and every editing decision was, in fact, colored by subjectivity.

Their prowess is also reflected in their ability to adapt and adopt new technologies. In XNUMXst century documentaries, Wiseman has explored the diverse capabilities of video, focusing on meticulous details and providing deep insight into society and institutions in the United States. He works like «State Legislature»(2007) and«At Berkeley» (2013) are testament to his ability to evolve with the times and keep his art relevant and penetrating.

Awards and Recognitions: A Legacy of Excellence

Wiseman's path has not been without recognition. In 2016 he was awarded a Honorary Oscar for his outstanding career, and his work has been acclaimed at various international festivals such as Cannes and Venice. Worldwide, her name has become synonymous with documentary mastery.

However, these awards not only recognize his technique, but also the audacity and tenacity with which he has tackled difficult topics and shed light on dark and often ignored aspects of society. The creation of a vast cinematographic mural that spans from the end of the twentieth century To this day it is an invaluable gift to society and culture.

ZINEBI 65 Festival: Honoring the Master of the Documentary with the Mikeldi Prize

El 65th ZINEBI Festival, to be held in Bilbao, has decided to award the Mikeldi Honor Award to this prodigious cinematographic creator. This event will not only seek to honor his outstanding career but also provide a platform for his most recent work, “Menus Plaisirs – Les Troisgros” (2023), to be presented to the public.

This latest documentary provides an intimate look at the day-to-day life of one of France's most recognized haute cuisine dynasties. True to his style, Wiseman articulates a story in which his presence becomes invisible, allowing the story to unfold organically before the viewer's eyes.

The life and work of Frederick Wiseman It will, without a doubt, be a subject of study and admiration for years to come. His ability to tell stories, his boldness in tackling challenging topics, and his ability to evolve and adapt in an ever-changing medium are worthy of recognition and study.

El Mikeldi Honor Award adds to an already impressive legacy, and without a doubt, his work will continue to inspire filmmakers and documentary filmmakers for generations to come, keeping alive the flame of bold, introspective and provocative documentary storytelling.

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