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7 lionesses advance in the 2024 soccer draft of young soccer players

7 lionesses advance in the 2024 soccer draft of young soccer players

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 19, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

The notable rise of 7 promises of women's soccer in the 2024 soccer draft

In a vibrant display of talent and determination, Eunate Astralaga, Sara Ortega, Marina Artero, Oihane San Martín, Daniela Agote, Maite Zubieta and Jone Amezaga They have been selected in the 55th cut of the 2024 Soccer Draft. This event, which each year selects the most promising young people in Spanish football, has highlighted the growing impact of women's football in the region and the country.

The young women, all originally from Bizkaia, represent not only their region but also the advancement of a sport that gains more followers and more support at an institutional and social level every day. Their selection is not only a recognition of their individual ability, but also of the work of their coaches, families and the policies of promotion of women's sports that are beginning to bear fruit in Spain.

Eunate, the most notable of the group, at only 19 years old, has shown exceptional ability as a midfielder. Her game vision and ability to maintain possession of the ball under pressure have caught the attention of scouts and coaches since her participation in youth leagues. Sara, for his part, has stood out as a defender, being a solid rock in the rearguard of his team. His ability to read the game and his physical strength are attributes that have contributed significantly to his selection.

The notable rise of 7 promises of women's soccer in the 2024 soccer draft

Marina, Oihane, Daniela, Maite and Jone They each bring their own strengths to this diverse and talented group. Marina, known for her speed and agility, plays in the forward position, where her ability to finish plays is notable. Oihane and Daniela, both midfielders, complement their playing styles; Oihane leans towards creativity and dribbling, while Daniela stands out for her resistance and ability to connect the game between defense and attack.

Maite and Jone, although less known, have careers that are equally impressive. Maite, goalkeeper, has been fundamental in numerous key games, demonstrating reflexes and a calm that inspires confidence in her team. Jone, a winger, is praised for her speed and ability to outrun the flanks.

La selection of these young women in the Soccer Draft It is a testament to the level of football that is being developed in Bizkaia and, more broadly, in the Basque Country. The region has invested significantly in sports infrastructure and training programmes, allowing more young people to access high-quality training.

This event also reflects a change in the perception of women's football, which is beginning to be seen not only as a sport, but as a viable career for women. Community support, media interest and increased match attendance are indicative of a cultural awakening towards gender equality in sport.

The presence of these seven footballers in the 2024 Futbol Draft not only raises the profile of women's sport, but also serves as an inspiration for the next generations of girls in Bizkaia and beyond. Seeing their contemporaries reach such heights, it is likely that many more young women will be inspired to follow in their footsteps and believe in the possibility of achieving their own sporting dreams.

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