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Aingeru Olabarrieta shapes a promising future at Bilbao Athletic

Aingeru Olabarrieta Bilbao Athletic

Mairenis Gomez

February 18, 2024 | 10:20 a.m.

A winger with skill and potential

El Bilbao Athletic has witnessed the emergence of young talents throughout its history, and Aingeru Olabarrieta is one of those promises that has captured the attention of the team's followers. At just 18 years old, this right or left winger, born on November 14, 2005, has left his mark on the Athletic Club youth team. In the 23/24 season, he has proven his worth with 3 goals and 6 assists in 18 games as a starter.

The profile of Aingeru Olabarrieta

Aingeru Olabarrieta arrived in Lezama when he was only 10 years old, showing his passion and ability for soccer from an early age. His outstanding participation in Bilbao Athletic, while he is in his last year of youth, places him as one of the most exciting prospects in the field of Basque football.

Talent in action

Furthermore, Olabarrieta stands out mainly for his versatility on the playing field. His ideal position is right winger, but he can also play effectively on the left wing.. Equipped with a remarkable change of pace and an enveloping dribble, he manages to break through opposing defenses with ease. His ability to create space and send precise crosses distinguishes him as a player with a promising future.

Notable contributions: 3 goals and 6 assists in 18 games

Olabarrieta has left an indelible mark on Bilbao Athletic's 23/24 season, highlighting his ability to impact the scoreboard. With an impressive record of 3 goals and 6 assists in just 18 games, he demonstrates not only his individual skill in front of goal but also his ability to create opportunities for his teammates. These figures not only reflect his innate talent, but also his commitment to the collective game, establishing himself as a player who not only seeks the goal, but also strives to make those around him better on the field of play. .

The challenges to overcome

Despite his brilliant performance in the Bilbao Athletic, Olabarrieta faces challenges that must be overcome to reach their maximum potential. Although he has been a regular part of the calls for the Spanish U18 and U19 National Team, he must consolidate his skills in a more demanding category. He is encouraged to appear more frequently in interior areas and improve his finishing ability when crosses come from the opposite wing.

Aingeru Olabarrieta Bilbao Athletic
With 3 goals and 6 assists in 18 games, Aingeru has proven his worth on the field.

What does the future hold for you?

The question everyone is asking is whether Aingeru Olabarrieta will have the opportunity to shine in Athletic's first team Club. Although his potential is undeniable, it is necessary to recognize that he is still young and needs to polish certain aspects of his game to adapt to the pace and intensity of the First Division. However, his inclusion in the upcoming pre-season with the first team suggests that his promotion is a real possibility.

Ultimately, Aingeru Olabarrieta represents the hope and future of Bilbao football. With determination, hard work and the right support, this young talent could become a leading figure both nationally and internationally. His story is a reminder of Athletic Club's commitment to developing local talent and perpetuating its legacy in Spanish football.

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