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Ander Herrera's decision unleashes the anger of Real Zaragoza fans

Herrera prepares his landing in Zaragoza

Jesus Carames

June 6, 2024 | 8:50 pm

The decision made by Bilbao midfielder Ander Herrera has surprised and infuriated the Whites fans, generating a deep feeling of frustration and anger. Throughout the month of May, Herrera was in negotiations with the Real Zaragoza board to return to the club, creating great expectations among fans..

Ander Herrera's change of plans

In an unexpected turn, Ander Herrera announced that he will stay at Athletic Club for one more year. This change of decision has unleashed a wave of criticism and threats towards the player, who had given positive signs about his return to Zaragoza.. Although there are several reasons behind his determination, the most prominent seems to be his desire to continue playing in the first division.

Sources close to the player say that Herrera evaluated the project of Víctor Fernández, current coach of Real Zaragoza, and decided that it did not convince him. This negative evaluation of the project, added to his inclination to remain in the elite of Spanish football, has led the midfielder to renew with Athletic Club.

Reactions from fans on social networks

The reaction of the Real Zaragoza fans was immediate. On social networks, the club's followers have expressed their disappointment and anger, filling Ander Herrera's profiles with criticism, insults and threats.. The fans do not reproach him so much for his decision to renew with Athletic, but for having generated illusions about his possible return to Zaragoza.

Herrera, who previously played for teams such as Manchester United and PSG, is now in a complicated situation with the Zaragoza fans. So far, the 34-year-old has not issued any statement on his social networks to clarify his decision or try to calm the enraged fans..

Consequences and possible future conflicts

Real Zaragoza fans are considering declaring Ander Herrera persona non grata. Negative comments and accusations of betrayal flood social networks, reflecting the deep wound that this decision has caused among followers.. Although from a professional perspective Herrera's decision is understandable, for fans it represents a painful betrayal.

It is likely that, facing the 2025 summer market, tensions have decreased, but the emotional impact of this decision will be difficult to forget for Zaragoza fans. Meanwhile, Víctor Fernández will have to look for alternatives to strengthen his midfield, since he was counting on the signing of Herrera for his project. The challenge is great and time is short.

Herrera is a huge professional

Ander Herrera's situation with Real Zaragoza fans illustrates the complex emotions and expectations that surround professional football. Players' decisions, although motivated by personal and professional considerations, can have profound repercussions among fans, who experience football with unwavering passion..

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