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Ander Herrera ignored by Real Zaragoza

Mairenis Gomez

June 13, 2024 | 5:30 pm

Isabel Collado reveals version of Ander Herrera and criticizes Real Zaragoza

Today the news announced on June 5 has been confirmed, Ander Herrera has renewed his contract with Athletic Club until 2025. Despite Real Zaragoza's efforts to recover the talented midfielder, Athletic Club has managed to keep him in their ranks. Until now, neither Herrera nor his entourage had commented on the issue, but this changed this morning with a publication from his wife, Isabel Collado.

Ander Herrera's first reaction and his enthusiasm for the future at Athletic Club

Ander Herrera's first statements occurred in the official media of the rojiblanco club. In them, Herrera avoided mentioning Real Zaragoza and focused on the future with Athletic, "The demand is going to be greater because we have just had a magnificent year.", but we are also demanding of ourselves. "It is a huge challenge and very nice to be able to represent the club in Europe and travel with this group of friends that we are." These words reflect Herrera's commitment and enthusiasm for the challenges that await him with Athletic Club.

Isabel Collado's criticism of Real Zaragoza for the treatment of Ander Herrera

However, Isabel Collado, the footballer's wife, offered a different perspective. Through her official Instagram account, Collado shared her frustration with Real Zaragoza. "A year waiting for a call, a visit, a project, a little affection... You stay where they have shown you." These statements reveal deep disappointment with the treatment received by Zaragoza over the last year.

The reaction of the fans and Herrera's future in Bilbao

After the confirmation of the renewal, Herrera has received numerous critical comments from Real Zaragoza fans. The possibility of Herrera returning to Zaragoza, which seemed real, is now perceived as an unattainable dream. The unrest among the Zaragoza fans is evident, although the version from the footballer's environment differs from the one spread in Zaragoza. Only time will be able to calm the current tensions, but the only thing that is certain is that Ander Herrera will continue defending the lions' shirt for one more season.

Without a doubt, this outcome highlights the complexities and emotions involved in the decisions of the players and their families. Expectations and unfulfilled promises have marked this story, but Herrera and his family have found the support and affection they expected at Athletic Club. Thus, the player prepares to face new challenges with the Bilbao club, leaving behind a chapter of uncertainty and unmet expectations with Real Zaragoza.

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