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Andoni Iraola proudly spreads the Athletic philosophy in England

Andoni Iraola proudly spreads the Athletic philosophy in England

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 12, 2024 | 8:00 a.m.

The former Athletic Club footballer shines in the Premier League with Bournemouth, promoting the values ​​of the Bilbao team

Andoni Iraola has completed a season meritorious and outstanding in his debut in the Premier League in charge of Bournemouth. The Usurbil coach managed to lead the team to a solid twelfth position, just a few steps from the European positions, removing any fear of relegation. This achievement is even more significant considering the difficult moments at the beginning of the season, where his continuity was in doubt.

As the season progressed, Iraola demonstrated his ability and adaptability on the benches, reversing the situation and consolidating his position as a competent and effective coach. His success was not only reflected in Bournemouth's results, but also in how promoted the philosophy and values ​​of Athletic Club in the English football environment.

Promoting the philosophy of Athletic Club abroad

In an interview with DAZN, Iraola shared her pride in the unique philosophy of Athletic Club, a team that only signs players from the region and has never been relegated. «We have enjoyed it very much. In Bournemouth I am telling the story of Athletic. When you are away you feel that pride of arriving and telling them that this is our philosophy," Iraola commented. This mission of sharing Athletic's identity has been a pleasure for the coach, even if it has been from a distance and through television.

Andoni Iraola proudly spreads the Athletic philosophy in England

The influence of his training and experiences at Athletic Club does not stop there. Iraola also spoke about his greatest reference on the bench: Ernesto Valverde. «Ernesto for me is the greatest reference I have had on the bench. From what he has meant personally, for me he is absolutely elite as a coach », he declared. The admiration and respect for Valverde, both for his achievements and his leadership style, reflects the Iraola's deep connection with Athletic culture.

A legacy that transcends borders

Iraola's season at Bournemouth has not only been a personal success, but also a testimony of the impact and influence of Athletic Club beyond its borders. His ability to bring the values ​​and philosophy of the Bilbao team to the Premier League has been remarkable, and his pride in these principles is evident in every interview and comment.

At the end of the day, Iraola has managed enrich the panorama of English football with a touch of the passion and dedication that characterize Athletic Club. Their story is a reminder of how a team's values ​​and identity can transcend borders and leave an indelible mark on any stage.

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