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Athletic has a world star center half

Athletic has a world star center half

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 10, 2024 | 8:09 a.m.

Benat Prados has become a fundamental pillar for the Athletic Club, not only for their impressive statistics but also for their collective commitment and ability to influence the game. His promotion in the team is not a coincidence, it is the result of constant work, a tireless dedication and an indisputable talent that has known how to take advantage of every opportunity that has been presented to him. There is already speculation that Real Madrid is following in his footsteps.

Quarry culture and the opportunity at Athletic Club

Since joining the team, Beñat has proven to be an exceptional product of Athletic's youth culture. This philosophy, which focuses on the development and promotion of local talent, has been the breeding ground for players like Beñat to emerge. His first few minutes on the field were not only a test of his versatility, but also his ability to adapt and excel in different positions.

The 23/24 season has been especially revealing for Beñat. Starting at full-back and then moving to midfield, he has shown impressive confidence and skill, excelling in key matches such as the clashes against FC Barcelona and Valencia CF in San Mamés. His versatility has allowed him to adapt to different roles within the team, showing his value in each position he occupies.

The turning point and his consolidation as a midfielder

Beñat Prados stands out in Athletic

The real turning point for Beñat It came with his performance in the center of the field, especially in the game against Atleti. This performance was a declaration of intent, a warning that Beñat had not only arrived to stay, but to shine. Since then, all of his appearances have been in that area, cementing his place as a key piece in Valverde's strategy.

But where do its strengths lie? He Beñat's commitment to the team It is evident not only in his defensive play, but also in his contribution to the attack. He is the player who recovers the most balls and one of the players who makes the most winning tackles in LaLiga. Furthermore, his ability to progress on the field through effective and vertical drives makes him a crucial element for the team's advancement.

Regarding his contribution in passing and driving, Beñat is not only efficient but also creative. His progressions help the team overcome lines of pressure, and his effectiveness in the long-distance game perfectly complements the skills of his teammates. With 57% effectiveness in long-distance passes, only surpassed by Ander Herrera, Beñat is positioning himself as a complete and versatile midfielder.

Benat Prados is a prime example of how opportunity, combined with talent and hard work, can lead to a rising star, His evolution at Athletic Club It is not only a testament to their individual ability, but also how a game model and group interactions can enhance a player's skills. With his commitment to defense and his ability to drive the game forward, Beñat He is quickly becoming one of the most outstanding midfielders in LaLiga and, without a doubt, a world star in his position.

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