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Athletic has tied up Alfredo Alogo

Jesus Carames

April 29, 2024 | 9:29 p.m.

Basque football is in a constant tug of war for promising youth players, and Alfredo Alogo is one of the names that resonates strongly in this battle of youth teams. Alogo, who stands out not only for his imposing physique – he is 188 cm tall at 12 years old – but also for his exceptional technical ability, has captured the attention of the region's top clubs.

Recently, Athletic Club de Bilbao has intensified its efforts to recruit young talent from Gipuzkoa, a practice that has generated some tension with Real Sociedad. Alogo, who played for Mariño de Irun, a club agreed with Real, is a clear example of these maneuvers. Despite Real's efforts to incorporate him into their system in Zubieta, Athletic has managed to seduce the young man's family with a contract that even includes a million-dollar compensation in case of non-compliance.

The competition for Alogo is no coincidence. His potential is widely recognized, and his development in an environment like Lezama, where he could even alternate between Basconia and Bilbao Athletic due to his age, is seen as a crucial step in his career.

This type of strategy not only demonstrates the competitiveness between Basque clubs to secure future soccer stars, but also raises questions about the ethics of recruiting such young players, significantly influencing the life decisions of these prospects and their families.

The situation has reached such a point that there has even been discussion about the possibility of reporting the Alogo agent for negotiating on behalf of a minor under the legal age, which could lead to severe penalties under current regulations.

Talent recruitment in Basque football is a complex issue that involves not only clubs and players, but also their families and agents who often operate in a gray area of ​​sports regulations. Meanwhile, young people like Alogo find themselves at the center of a power play that could define their future careers in the sport.

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