July 16, 2024 | 3:30


Barakaldo is promoted to First Federation along with Sestao RC and Bilbao Athletic

Barakaldo maintains an outstanding series of more than 40 official matches without being defeated.

Jesus Carames

June 1, 2024 | 9:26 pm

Barakaldo achieves promotion after beating Orihuela CF

Barakaldo CF will be a First Federation team next season, accompanying Sestao River Club and Bilbao Athletic. In an exciting match played in Lasesarre, Barakaldo beat Orihuela CF 2-0, thus achieving the long-awaited promotion.

A decisive victory at home

The Basque team managed to force a tie in the overall result (3-3) and, after 120 minutes of intense play, won the tie thanks to their best position in the regular season. The Orihuela CF scorpions were on the verge of promotion, while those from Lasesarre celebrated their return to the senior category.

This achievement represents a significant milestone for Barakaldo CF, which joins other Basque teams in the First Federation, thus strengthening the region's football presence in Spain's top leagues. The promotion was experienced with great emotion and celebrations in Lasesarre, highlighting the effort and dedication of the team throughout the season.

In summary, Barakaldo CF, along with Sestao RC and Bilbao Athletic, will compete in the First Federation next season, marking an important chapter in the club's history and offering its fans hope for a promising future in football.

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