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Barakaldo once again tastes glory in the promotion phase

Duel in Lasesarre, Barakaldo vs Málaga

Jesus Carames

May 18, 2024 | 8:45 p.m.

Barakaldo CF has broken its curse in the play-offs and has once again tasted glory. Since 2012, when they managed to be promoted to the defunct Second B, the Gualdinegros had not experienced victory in a promotion phase. The team led by Imanol de la Sota has demonstrated its character, determination, determination and good play by beating Atlético Paso 1-0 at the Lasesarre stadium, thanks to a solitary goal from Isuskiza. With this victory, Barakaldo has secured a place in the final of the play-off for promotion to the First Federation, whose opponent they will meet next Monday.

match development

Barakaldo coach Imanol de la Sota made three changes to the starting eleven compared to the first leg in La Palma, introducing Borja García, Oier López and Endika Buján. For his part, Manolo Sanlúcar, coach of Atlético Paso, made only one change, replacing forward Álex Altube with defender Ayoze Placeres. Sanlúcar's plan was clear: strengthen the defense with five players and seek to surprise the locals in a counterattack.

Barakaldo dominated the first half of the match, despite the fact that a draw after extra time helped them advance to the tie. The factories, faithful to their coach's idea of ​​being vertical, looked for the goal from the beginning, while Atlético Paso defended tooth and nail. The first scare came from the Canary Islands team in the 1st minute, when Armiche had a one-on-one with goalkeeper Tena, who managed to deflect the ball.

From that moment, Barakaldo had absolute control of the match. Isuskiza, Molina and Orozko tried to score, but their shots were deflected or repelled by goalkeeper Loskos. The goal finally came in the 40th minute, when Isuskiza finished off a corner taken by Pablo Santiago, leaving the score 1-0 in favor of the locals. The Gualdinegra squad celebrated with enthusiasm, aware of the importance of that goal..

Second half and conclusion of the match

In the second half, Barakaldo did not need to take risks, so the match had less tension and close calls. The factories remained comfortable, keeping the ball away from their area and protecting their advantage. With a quarter of an hour remaining, Tena had to make a saving intervention in a one-on-one with Menudo, keeping the score in his favor.

In the final stretch of the match, Atlético Paso went on the attack, desperately searching for the tying goal. However, the locals knew how to protect their precious treasure and secured their place in the play-off final..

Formations and match details

Barakaldo: Tena; Pedernales, Artetxe, Borja García, Oier López; Molina, Huidobro; Buján (Pacheco, min. 75), Isuskiza (Kako, min. 84), Pablo Santiago (Txoperena, min. 84); Orozko (Cortezón, min. 75).

Athletic Step: Loskos; Barreda (Sissokho, min. 82), Ojog, Placeres, Escudero (Barace, min. 65), Palomares; Robe Moreno (Gustavo Rodríguez, min. 65), Dimitri; Armiche, Menudo and Alfonso (Altube, min. 50).

goals: 1-0; Isuskiza (min. 40).

Referee: Carbajales Gómez, from the Asturian school, admonished the locals Isuskiza (min. 56), Orozko (min. 75) and Huidobro (min. 90) and the visitors Armiche (min. 17) and Ojog (min. 81).

incidents: 5.500 spectators in Lasesarre. Iker Pedernales was honored for completing one hundred games for Barakaldo.

Barakaldo CF have taken a crucial step towards promotion and now only have one last obstacle left to reach the First Federation.

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