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Barcelona launches its tabloids into daily harassment to subdue Nico Williams

Mairenis Gomez

May 11, 2024 | 5:56 p.m.

Barcelona's interest in Nico Williams has unleashed all the media power but Athletic is preparing strategies to retain him

FC Barcelona has set its sights on Nico Williams, one of the emerging stars of Athletic Club de Bilbao, and in Barcelona they already imagine him wearing the Blaugrana shirt. However, the signing would not be easy: The value of the winger's operation is around 150 million gross euros (clause + salary), a price that is not exactly accessible for the Catalan club. In Bilbao, meanwhile, fans assure that the young player wants to gain experience in Europe with Athletic, in addition to staying with his brother Iñaki Williams.

Tabloid pressure and Barcelona's financial tactics will be under scrutiny from Athletic

Barcelona's current economy has raised questions about how it could finance such an expensive operation. The club remains under the watchful eye of LaLiga, which seeks to ensure compliance with the Financial Fair Play, especially after the financial strategies used under the presidency of Joan Laporta.

The tabloids related to the culé club constantly put pressure, creating an atmosphere that seems to wear down Athletic and its followers. But the Bilbao club, with brilliant economic management, does not give in to these tactics. Instead of giving up, he commits to improve Nico Williams' contract to offer you the stability you need and a barrier against media harassment.

Bots culés have no shame and already dress Nico with the Blaugrana jacket

Athletic's economy as a barrier against Blaugrana abuse

Athletic is ready to do an exhaustive analysis of the Financial Fair Play rules, ensuring that Barcelona does not find subterfuges to circumvent them. The financial management of the Bilbao team is solid, and an improved contract for Nico is a tangible measure to strengthen his permanence. Furthermore, his brother Iñaki, a reference in the club, is an emotional reason for Nico to remain at Botxo.

In the end, what is at stake is more than a simple transfer. It is about how a club like Athletic, with a clear vision and an approach focused on values ​​and economics, can resist the onslaught of the great powers of Spanish football.

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