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Bilbao Basket formalizes its registration in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup

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Jesus Carames

June 10, 2024 | 7:57 pm

Expectations and planning for the next season

Bilbao Basket has formalized its registration for the next edition of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, an essential step for the team that already participated in this continental competition last season and that intends to repeat the experience in the next season. However, The team still does not know if it will have direct access to the group stage, if it should play the qualifying round or even if it could be one of the venues for these qualifying rounds if they have to play them.

Collaboration and dialogue with basketball authorities

The management of the Miribilla team is in constant conversations with the Spanish Basketball Federation and FIBA ​​itself to clarify details about the structure of the competition in the 2024-25 season. Despite these efforts, The final composition of the groups and possible vacancies will not be known until next July.

This uncertainty keeps all possibilities open for Bilbao Basket. They might have to play the qualifying rounds, just as happened last season with Casademont Zaragoza. However, there is also the possibility that vacancies or resignations arise from other teams that would allow Jaume Ponsarnau's men to directly access the group stage.

Coach Jaume Ponsarnau and his team are prepared for any scenario, working on flexible planning that allows them to quickly adapt to the demands of European competition. This proactive and adaptable approach is key to maintaining the team's performance and competitiveness internationally.

Registration for the FIBA ​​Europe Cup and ongoing talks They reflect Bilbao Basket's commitment to European basketball and its desire to continue competing at the highest level. The team's fans are expectant and hopeful about this new continental challenge, trusting that the team's effort and preparation will bear fruit in the next season.

In short, Bilbao Basket continues its path of growth and consolidation in European basketball, keeping alive the dream of achieving great success in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup 2024-25.

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