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Bilbao celebrates the Cup championship in style with Athletic Club

Bilbao celebrates in style Athletic Club Cup champion (2)

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 12, 2024 | 10:38 a.m.

Athletic Club de Bilbao is crowned champion of the Copa del Rey, a celebration that transforms the city into a sea of ​​red and white

Yesterday, the city of Bilbao dressed up to welcome the heroes of Athletic Club after his victory in the Copa del Rey. The massive reception reflects not only a triumph on the playing field, butbut also the union and fervor of a community that is dedicated to its team.

Since Saturday in Seville, where the team faced Real Club Deportivo Mallorca, until the triumphant return to Bilbao, the city has witnessed an effusiveness that is repeated with each Athletic achievement. The Bilbao estuary became the scene of a historic procession, with Athletic's barge sailing towards City Hall, a ritual that revives the spirit of the 1984 celebrations, the year of the team's previous cup victory.

The details of the tribute are a reflection of tradition and modernity

In the Town Hall square, long red and white banners and the sign with the word "txapeldunak" ("champions" in Basque) adorned the atmosphere. The Athletic players, accompanied by the board, were received by dancers from Beti Jai Alai and members of Salbatzaile Dantza Taldea, recreating the welcome that was extended to them almost four decades ago.

Bilbao celebrates in style Athletic Club Cup champion (2)

The event continued with an honorary aurresku, a traditional Basque dance, in the Arab Hall of the City Hall, followed by speeches that not only celebrated the victory, but they also recalled past challenges, such as the floods that devastated Bilbao 40 years ago. It is a reminder of the resilience of a city that has been able to overcome adversity and find in its soccer team a constant source of joy and pride.

The day ended with the appearance of the players on the balcony of the City Hall, where they were acclaimed by tens of thousands of Bilbao residents. The bond between the team and its fans is palpable, a relationship forged over generations and celebrated in every victory. This event is not only sporting, but also a community act and a reflection of Bilbao's identity.

Subsequently, the celebration moved through the main arteries of the city, with the club's staff and management traveling the streets in an open bus, another tradition that allows fans to directly share the joy with their idols.

These types of events have a profound impact not only in the mood of the city, but also in its economy. Bars, restaurants and shops fill up, demonstrating how football can be an important economic driver. Furthermore, the event reinforces the image of Bilbao and Bizkaia on the international scene, highlighting the passion and unique culture of this region.

In summary, Athletic's victory is more than a sporting triumph; It is a celebration of Bilbao's identity and community spirit. Every time the team wins, it raises not only a trophy, but also the heart of an entire city. In these moments, when the players shout "txapeldunak", echoing in every corner of Bilbao, they reflect not only a cry of victory, but an echo of belonging and shared pride.

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