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Dani Vivian takes on Curbasí for the Euro Cup

Jesus Carames

June 8, 2024 | 5:53 pm

Dani Vivian, the Athletic Club defender, has been called up for the German Euro 2024, marking a significant milestone for the Lezama quarry. It is the first time in 36 years that an Athletic center back has been selected directly from his home team for an event of this magnitude. The last time it happened was with Genar Andrinua at the 1988 Euro Cup, also held in Germany.

Vivian (Vitoria, 1999) has been one of the 26 players chosen by Luis de la Fuente to represent Spain, leaving out the young talent Cubarsí, who will participate in the Olympic Games. Vivian's career has been remarkable, establishing herself as a pillar in Athletic's defense this season, which has culminated with the team in fifth place in the League and as Cup champion. Her leadership in the rearguard, especially after the departure of Iñigo Martínez to FC Barcelona and Yeray Álvarez's injury has been crucial.

Vivian breaks a 36-year streak for Lezama in the Euro Cup

Although Lezama has produced outstanding centre-backs such as Rafa Alkorta and Aymeric Laporte, these players participated in international tournaments belonging to other clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester City. Vivian's inclusion directly from Athletic Club is a testament to his performance and growth as a player.

Vivian, who began his career at Santutxu and had a loan spell at CD Mirandés, has proven to be a reliable and capable defender. His ability to lead Athletic's defense and his chemistry on the field with Aitor Paredes, another Lezama product, have earned him this recognition.

Unai Simón and Nico Williams will accompany Vivian in the Euro Cup

In addition to Vivian, Unai Simón and Nico Williams have also been called up for Luis de la Fuente, while Oihan Sancet, another Athletic player, is out due to injury. Vivian will have to compete for a place in the starting eleven with players of the caliber of Aymeric Laporte, Le Normand and Nacho Fernández. However, his determination and ability to stay focused during matches give him a significant advantage.

Vivian, who started Spain's last friendly against Andorra in Badajoz, faces a formidable challenge but his winning mentality and ability to react quickly on the pitch ensure he will be prepared to compete at the highest level.

The promising future of Dani Vivian and the Lezama quarry

Dani Vivian's call-up for the Euro Cup is not only a recognition of his talent and hard work, but also a reflection of the commitment of Athletic Club and its Lezama youth team to developing high-quality players. Vivian has earned his place on the national team and is ready to represent Spain in one of the most prestigious tournaments in world football..

With his speed, responsiveness and leadership, Vivian is ready to leave a mark at Euro 2024, continuing the legacy of great Athletic Club defenders and paving the way for future generations of players trained in Lezama.

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