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David Aznar reveals his motivations for staying at Athletic

Aznar reveals his motivations for staying at Athletic

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 7, 2024 | 12:30 pm

David Aznar will continue to lead the Athletic women's team after an outstanding season that has consolidated him as the team's leader and mentor

David Aznar's renewal with Athletic is no coincidence. The coach has taken the women's team to a higher level during his debut campaign, standing out in a competitive F League and in the Cup. With a team in transition, composed of the youngest eleven in the competition, Aznar has achieved exceptional results that have culminated in his renewal for one more season.

Aznar reveals his motivations for staying at Athletic

Athletic is in sixth position in League F, cwith a chance of finishing fifth, a notable improvement from last year's 10th place. In the Cup, only the formidable Barça could stop their path to the final. These accomplishments are even more impressive considering the team's youth and relative inexperience. It is a time of transition, but also of promise and potential.

Aznar's personal satisfaction and his commitment to the team

"I'm delighted," says Aznar, highlighting the pride and the satisfaction he feels when being part of Athletic. After a year in Lezama, the coach feels "one more" in the team and appreciates the opportunity to defend the red and white shirt. This has been "one of the best years" of his professional life, full of enriching experiences and successes shared with his players.

Aznar's career already had significant achievements before his arrival at Athletic. He had promoted CD Tacón to the top category of women's football and led the transition to Real Madrid, managing to classify the team to the Champions League. Now, in Bilbao, he feels motivated by the "group of players" he has, their "youth and desire to grow." This renewed energy is a key factor in his decision to continue.

A promising future for Athletic women under the direction of Aznar

Expectations for the future are high. The team has demonstrated a great capacity for adaptation and competence, exceeding Aznar's initial forecasts. The coach highlights the speed with which the team has grown and begun to compete in such a demanding league. “I am very happy with the performance,” he says, underlining the potential of his players and their ability to show it quickly.

The evolution of the team and the results obtained They are a testament to the talent and ambition of the players. Aznar attributes the success exclusively to them, highlighting their self-confidence and determination from day one. “They've disrespected the veterans in this category a little bit,” he says with a smile, indicating the confidence and ambition of his players to take control.

Aznar's continuity is logical and well deserved. She has guided the team through a period of significant change, bringing it together and bringing out the best in each player.. With his leadership, the future of Athletic women seems brighter than ever, with many joys to come for the fans.

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