June 14th, 2024 | 5:30


Getxo Rugby F is promoted to the Iberdrola League after beating Complutense Cisneros

Jesus Carames

May 19, 2024 | 4:30 p.m.

The Getxo women's team will play next season in the Iberdrola League, the highest category of rugby, after beating Complutense Cisneros 27-12. The Biscayans, who lost 5-12 at half-time, came back in a great second half and brought joy to the Fadura facilities, which had a full crowd in their stands with the fans also cheering around the pitch. The party broke out after two in the afternoon, when Getxo signed a new victory to finish undefeated in this very special year in which they have returned to the Honor Division.

An epic comeback to secure promotion

After beating Pingüinas de Burgos a week ago to appear in the grand final for promotion, the Getxo women's team fulfilled its objective against a Madrid opponent whom it had beaten 7-17 in January in Madrid and 25-13 in February in Fadura. In the grand final, Getxo achieved a result similar to the one established three months ago in the Getxo field, winning 27-12. Getxo took an early lead on the scoreboard after a robbery that Goikoela finished off after a run down the wing. But Cisneros proved to be a difficult opponent and went into the break with a 5-12 lead.

Aitor Etxebarria's team never collapsed and, spurred on by their fans, they rehearsed three times in a decisive second half that was controlled by the locals. Getxo wanted to be promoted on the fast track and will once again be among the best women's rugby teams in the top category.

A memorable season: undefeated and with a dynamic game

Like last year, the Getxo Rugby senior women's team reached the final of the Division of Honor B. And again at home. This time they beat a team bigger than Getxo, such as Complutense Cisneros, after last season they lost by a narrow margin against Barcelona. Then, the Getxo players couldn't beat Pozuelo in the promotion match either.

This year has been very different. Despite having suffered against the Pingüinas de Burgos in the semifinals, after playing more than half an hour with one less player, the Getxo players have shown themselves to be more experienced this time, with a dynamic game, much better in defense and more aggressive with tackles effective. With more confidence than ever, Fadura's team beat Cisneros for the third time, relegated a year ago, in a campaign to mark culminating in their return to the top category.

The future of Getxo Rugby in the Iberdrola League

The return of the Getxo women's team to the Iberdrola League marks an important milestone in the club's history. This achievement reflects not only the dedication and talent of the players, but also the unconditional support of their fans and the commitment of the coaching staff. Next season in the Iberdrola League will be a challenge, but also an opportunity for Getxo to demonstrate its ability and competitiveness at the highest level of women's rugby in Spain.

With a solid foundation and an undefeated season, the Getxo women's team is well positioned to take on the best teams in the country. The experience acquired and the cohesion of the team will be key factors in their performance in the Iberdrola League. Expectations are high, and the Getxo community is ready to support its team in this new stage.

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