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Holiday Thursday in Bizkaia: schools close in the afternoon to celebrate the Athletic barge

Holiday Thursday in Bizkaia, schools close in the afternoon to celebrate the Athletic barge

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 9, 2024 | 12:34 p.m.

Bizkaia is preparing for a historic day with the early closure of schools for the celebration of the Athletic barge

In a palpable demonstration of how the passion for football and traditions can profoundly influence the community, we find ourselves facing a scenario that recalls the fervor and unity that aroused the victory of Athletic Bilbao in 1984. This year, on the 40th anniversary of that historic event, the province of Bizkaia is preparing to close a cycle with a celebration that promises to be as memorable as the first. The decision of some schools to end classes earlier than usual is a clear indication of the importance that this event has for the community.

There is no doubt that Athletic's victory is not only a sporting triumph; It is a cultural and social event that transcends the borders of the stadium. However, this anticipation of the closure of educational centers has generated a whirlwind of opinions among families.. The main concern lies in family logistics, especially for those parents who do not have the flexibility to modify their work schedule. Education and family organization must momentarily adapt to this social phenomenon, demonstrating the community's ability to prioritize its collective traditions and values, but also highlighting the challenges it entails.

It is essential to recognize the efforts of schools to communicate and plan in advance

Although football is the undisputed protagonist of this Thursday, behind the festivity lies a complex logistics and security operation. Schools, aware of traffic difficulties and the need to guarantee a safe return home for students, have opted for an early departure. This act, beyond being a simple schedule adjustment, is a recognition of the importance of ensuring the well-being of the students on a day of exceptional influx and celebration in the streets of Bizkaia.

Holiday Thursday in Bizkaia, schools close in the afternoon to celebrate the Athletic barge

The diversity of responses from educational centers, from adjustments in dismissal times to the suspension of services such as the school cafeteria, reflects an adaptation to the unique circumstances of each institution. However, this variability also highlights the need for effective coordination and communication between schools., families and local authorities to minimize the impact on daily routines and ensure the safety of all involved.

In the midst of these preparations, the voices of the families resonate clearly, expressing both their enthusiasm for participating in a celebration of such magnitude and their concern about the logistical implications of it. The creativity and solidarity of the community, turning to family members or adjusting their own work schedules, are testament to the importance given to living and participating in events that are milestones in local history.

At the university level, the adaptation to the event has been no less significant. Institutions ce like the University of Deusto have also announced adjustments to their schedules, demonstrating that the impact of the barge transcends ages and educational levels. This university inclusion in the celebrations underlines the universality of the event, uniting the educational community as a whole in a moment of shared pride and joy.

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