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Iván Martín will only arrive at Athletic Club by paying the €12M clause

Iván Martín in the spotlight

Jesus Carames

May 18, 2024 | 11:10 a.m.

Athletic Club is considering the possibility of signing Iván Martín, a Girona FC player. Although Athletic has not yet officially contacted Girona, it is estimated that the player could be sold if Uriarte pays the 12 million euros. of its clause.

Athletic's interest and the player's enthusiasm

Iván Martín, 25 years old, has shown great interest in joining Athletic Club. After playing with Euskal Selekzioa, he returned delighted by the treatment he received and what he saw during his stay. This enthusiasm for Athletic could facilitate negotiations, in case the club decides to take the step.

Details of the operation and Villarreal's buyback option

Villarreal CF has a buyback option on Iván Martín that is around 5 million euros, valid for both this summer and next. If Athletic wants to sign the player, they should buy him from Girona FC for more than those 5 million euros and with Villarreal receiving a high percentage of the sale.

Good relationship with Míchel and the value of playing in the UCL

Iván Martín has linked his continuity at Girona to the permanence of coach Míchel, who will continue next season. Furthermore, the player is considering the possibility of playing in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), which could influence his final decision.

Although Athletic Club has not yet initiated formal contacts with Girona FC, the possible signing of Iván Martín is shaping up to be an interesting operation. The player's enthusiasm for joining Athletic and his recent positive experience with Euskal Selekzioa could be determining factors in his decision. Villarreal CF's buyback option and the player's desire to play in the UCL are elements that will also influence the development of this potential transfer.

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