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Jokin Aranbarri takes over as the new coach of Bilbao Athletic

Jokin Aranbarri takes over as the new coach of Bilbao Athletic

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 7, 2024 | 11:30 a.m.

The former Azkoitiarra player and coach takes the reins of the team after a successful season with the Eibar reserve team

In the vibrant heart of Bilbao, a new chapter is being written for Bilbao Athletic. Jokin Aranbarri, at 39 years old, has been named as the team's new coach. Coming from Eibar, where he led the Vitoria reserve team to an impressive promotion, Aranbarri is ready to contribute his experience and energy to the whole of Lezama.

Aranbarri is not an unknown name in the world of Biscayan football. His career as a player saw him shine in teams such as Barakaldo, Gernika, Lemona and Sestao River, accumulating 135 games in Second B. This deep knowledge of local football and his passion for the sport are aspects that will surely enrich his new role as coach.

Jokin Aranbarri takes over as the new coach of Bilbao Athletic

His academic background is equally impressive. Graduated in Sports Teaching in Begoñako Andra Mari and graduated in CAFYD from the UPV, Aranbarri completed his final year internship in Lezama, a place that he will now get to know from a completely new perspective. He combined his teaching career with his passion for football, which demonstrates his dedication and love for the sport.

A solid and experienced technical team

The new coach will not arrive alone. Aranbarri will be accompanied by a technical team mostly from the previous season, which includes Ander Murillo as assistant coach, Armando as goalkeeping coach, Mikel Legarreta as physical trainer and Iñigo Aginaga as psychologist. This cohesive and experienced team will be key to Bilbao Athletic's success in the upcoming challenges.

The arrival of Aranbarri It also marks a continuity in the club's philosophy, which values ​​the development of local talent so much such as the incorporation of highly trained personnel committed to Athletic's values. This balance between tradition and innovation will be essential to achieve next season's objectives.

A promising future under the direction of Aranbarri

The appointment of Jokin Aranbarri as the new coach of Bilbao Athletic represents an exciting opportunity for the club and its fans. With his history of success at Eibar and his deep knowledge of Biscayan football, Aranbarri is well positioned to lead the team to new achievements.

In a city as passionate about football as Bilbao, Aranbarri's every move and decision will be closely watched. However, with his combination of experience, training and passion, there are high expectations that Bilbao Athletic will reach new levels of success under his leadership.

The Bizkaia community is eagerly waiting to see how this new era for Bilbao Athletic will unfold, trusting that Jokin Aranbarri will bring with him an era of growth and triumphs.

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