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Jokin Atuna will face Unai Laso in the Manomanista 2024 final after beating Artola (22-10)

Jesus Carames

May 19, 2024 | 6:41 p.m.

The Atano III fronton was packed to enjoy the exciting Manomanista semi-final between Altuna III and Artola. In an electrifying atmosphere and with the stands full of passionate fans, Altuna III demonstrated once again why he is one of the best pelotaris of the moment. With a masterful performance, Altuna defeated Artola with a resounding score of 22-10, ensuring his place in the Manomanista final to be held on June 2 in Bilbao.

A recital by Altuna III: dominance and talent on the court

Altuna III offered a true ball recital at the Atano III. His ability to read his opponents, take advantage of every opportunity and play with impeccable technique makes him an exceptional pelota player. From the beginning of the match, Altuna imposed his pace and showed his skill, showing off his ability to place the ball in the most difficult places for his opponent.

Artola, despite his efforts, could not match the level of play of Altuna, who knew how to dominate every aspect of the match. The final score of 22-10 reflects the superiority of Altuna on the court, who played with the elegance and precision that characterizes him. This result not only secures his place in the final, but also reaffirms his position as the favorite to take the title.

An expected confrontation: Altuna III vs. Unai Laso in the final

The Manomanista final promises to be a high-level spectacle, with Altuna III facing Unai Laso. Altuna reaches this final with the additional motivation of having lost last year, which drives him to seek revenge and the title. His performance in the semifinals and his consistency throughout the tournament position him as the favorite to win.

Unai Laso, for his part, has also shown a great level of play and will be a formidable opponent. The final on June 2 in Bilbao will be a battle of the titans, where both pelota players will seek to demonstrate their supremacy in the sport of Basque pelota. Fans are already looking forward to this confrontation, which promises to be memorable.

The passion for Basque pelota: a sport that unites

The full house at the Atano III for the semi-final between Altuna III and Artola is a testament to the fervor and passion that Basque pelota awakens. This sport, deeply rooted in the culture of the Basque Country, continues to attract crowds and create unforgettable moments for fans. The Manomanista final in Bilbao will be another event that will bring together the community around this sporting tradition.

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