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Jon Rahm faces challenge at US PGA Championship

Jon Rahm faces challenges at US PGA Championship

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 16, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

Jon Rahm's participation in the US PGA Championship has been a rollercoaster since his debut in 2017, reflecting both brilliant moments and notable challenges

Jon Rahm, the outstanding golfer from Barrika, is preparing for his eighth participation in the US PGA Championship. This tournament, one of the four Greats of golf, has historically been a challenge for Rahm. Despite being one of the most consistent players and talented players on the circuit, their results in this championship have varied considerably over the years.

Since his first participation in 2017, Rahm He has demonstrated his ability to compete at the highest level, although he has not always managed to meet his own expectations. His most notable performance in this tournament came in 2018, when he finished tied for fourth with an impressive 269-under 11, earning him $489,250. This result remains his best performance in the US PGA Championship to date.

Jon Rahm faces challenges at US PGA Championship

In contrast, other years have been less favorable for the Basque golfer. In 2019, Rahm failed to make the cut, finishing with a total of 145 strokes, 5 over par. This performance was a tough blow, especially considering his high expectations and his status as one of the best players in the world.

Below are Jon Rahm's results and earnings in each of his participations in the US PGA Championship:

  • 2017: T58, 291 hits (+7), $21,800
  • 2018: T4, 269 hits (-11), $489,250
  • 2019: Did not make the cut, 145 strokes (+5), $2,777
  • 2020: T13, 273 hits (-7), $192,208
  • 2021: T8, 287 hits (-1), $263,000
  • 2022: T48, 286 hits (+6), $35,000
  • 2023: T50, 287 hits (+7), $37,625

Jon Rahm's total winnings in this tournament amount to $1,041,660, a respectable but modest figure compared to his achievements in other tournaments in his career.

Jon Rahm's perspectives and expectations for the future at the US PGA Championship: the constant challenge of conquering one of the Greats of golf

Jon Rahm's career at the US PGA Championship is a reflection of the unpredictable and challenging nature of professional golf. Every year presents new opportunities and obstacles, and this year's tournament will be no exception. Rahm remains a central figure in world golf, and his fans in Bizkaia and around the world are eager to see how he will face the challenges that this prestigious championship presents.

Despite past difficulties, Rahm has proven time and time again again their ability to learn and adapt. His victory at the 2021 US Open and his constant presence at the top of world rankings are testament to his talent and determination. With each tournament, Jon Rahm not only plays to win, but also to grow as an athlete and competitor.

The US PGA Championship remains a significant challenge for Jon Rahm. However, his passion for golf and his commitment to excellence They suggest that you are more than prepared to face any obstacle that comes your way. Fans can expect Rahm to continue his relentless pursuit of greatness, hoping that he will soon conquer this elusive tournament and add another Major to his impressive career.

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