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Jon Rahm withdraws from US Open due to foot injury

Mairenis Gomez

June 12, 2024 | 5:00 pm

Jon Rahm has decided to withdraw from the US Open due to an unexpected injury to his left foot

Jon Rahm has decided not to participate in the US Open due to an unexpected skin injury on his left foot. After consulting with several doctors, the golfer chose to be conservative and prioritize his long-term health. Although he feels disappointed, Rahm wishes the best of luck to all participants of the tournament

Jon Rahm, injured, will not play the US Open, a hard blow for his fans and for the tournament

Just a few hours ago, Rahm appeared before the press with a flip-flop on his left foot. He explained that, despite feeling better, he was still in pain. The injury is located between the little finger and the next, and has significantly affected his ability to play. The winner of the US Open in 2021 was pessimistic about his participation in the third major of the season, although he had carried out intense preparation in the previous weeks.

The golfer had visited the tournament site two weekends earlier, playing 36 holes and adjusting his equipment at Callaway's lab in San Diego. There, he changed his driver shaft for the first time in his professional career, opting for the Fujikura Ventus Black 7X, to correct his tendency to hit balls to the left.

An unexpected injury that affects Rahm's plans for the season and his performance on the field

The injury began to show serious symptoms last Saturday, when Rahm received an injection in the hope of completing his return without problems. However, The pain appeared from hole 2 onwards, forcing him to withdraw to avoid further damage and protect his body.. Rahm explained that he could have ended the round with any score, but he preferred not to force and aggravate the situation.

Jon Rahm withdraws from US Open due to left foot injury

A setback for Jon Rahm

In a review of his season, Rahm confessed that, despite the setbacks, he feels satisfied with his performance. Although he has had two bad weeks, he has managed to finish in the top 10 on many occasions and has come close to winning in several tournaments. Rahm acknowledges that his performance at Augusta and the PGA was not the best, but he still believes it has been a wonderful career so far. He assures that, although the first half of the year has not been ideal, he can still achieve a great end to the season.

Without a doubt, this setback for Jon Rahm is a reminder of the difficulties and challenges that elite athletes face. Decision to withdraw from the US Open shows his commitment to the health and longevity of his professional career. Meanwhile, his fans and the golf community eagerly await his return to the course, trusting that his recovery will be quick and effective.

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