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Julio and Patxi Salinas highlight Athletic's winning philosophy

Mairenis Gomez

April 18, 2024 | 3:30 p.m.

"Getting titles is key" say the '84 champions

In a football dominated by economic giants, Athletic Club's strategy Bilbao stands out for its uniqueness and fidelity to its roots. In the world of sports, where immediacy and big signings usually dominate the front pages, lThe philosophy of Athletic Club de Bilbao offers a refreshing contrast.

The Athletic Club and its commitment to the Basque identity

This team, one of the few that still clings to its tradition of only incorporating players from the Basque region, has shown that it is possible to compete at the highest level while keeping its values ​​intact. The recent celebration of the Copa del Rey has served to reaffirm this philosophy, with figures such as Iker Muniain emphasizing that "it is not necessary to win to boast of this philosophy."

The vision of the Salinas brothers

Also, the Salinas brothers and their vision on the impact of Athletic's philosophy on modern football. Patxi and Julio Salinas, legends of Spanish football, have been witnesses and participants in the club's successes and challenges. In recent statements, they have highlighted how Athletic has managed to maintain its unique identity in an increasingly globalized and profit-oriented environment. "There is no club in the world with this philosophy," said Julio, highlighting the value of playing only with Basque footballers in an era where money seems to dictate the direction of the sport.

ulio and Patxi Salinas talk about the subject, I am beginning to understand this phenomenon better.

Emotional resonance and connection to the community enhance the club's philosophy

Additionally, Julio Salinas commented on the club's deep roots in the city of Bilbao and the province of Vizcaya, which together add up to a considerable population in a geographically small area. "It's a difficult feeling to express," he said, referring to the passion and unconditional support of the fans. This connection not only strengthens the team, but also fuels community spirit and regional identity.

Ultimately, While football continues to evolve, Athletic Club de Bilbao maintains its traditionalist approach, not only as a game tactic, but as a philosophy of life that transcends sport. The ability to win titles, despite their self-imposed limitations, not only validates their strategy, but also offers a valuable lesson about the importance of fidelity to principles in a rapidly changing world. As Patxi Salinas said, “We are different,” and in that difference lies our greatest strength.

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