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Laporte's salary at Athletic

Jesus Carames

June 8, 2024 | 5:52 pm

Athletic Club is facing a economic dilemma significant in its attempt to bring Bilbao to Aymeric Laporte. The operation to bring back the French central defender from Manchester City amounts to 40 millones de euros, a considerable outlay that has led the club to consider other more affordable options.

The Laporte operation involves not only a large initial investment, but also a high salary. The total sum includes 10 million euros in transfer and a gross salary of 30 million euros in three years, which could bring total costs to millions of dollars. Given this situation, the Athletic sports management He is evaluating signing a central defender at a low cost. Among the names that stand out in the club scouting found Javi Herrando and Aitor Córdoba, two defenses that could be more economical and viable solutions.

Economical alternatives

Javi Herrando, young central defender of Atlético Osasuna, and Aitor Córdoba, from Mirandés, are two of the main alternatives that the club uses to reinforce its defense without making a large financial outlay. These players stand out for their good performance in your equipment and they could be strategic additions that maintain the club's financial balance.

Analysis of the Laporte operation

The club paid 27,5 million euros for Laporte at the time, and although the quality of the player is unquestionable, the current high cost and his salary make this operation very onerous. The president of the club, Jon Uriarte, might be reluctant to make such a large expense, especially considering financial constraints and the need to maintain a balance in the club's budget.

A bet on Iñigo Martínez?

A plausible alternative to the Laporte operation could be Iñigo Martinez, a player with proven experience and ability. Martínez has already proven his worth at the club and could be a more affordable and effective option to reinforce the defense without excessively compromising Athletic's finances.


Athletic Club de Bilbao is at a crossroads. The possibility of bringing back Aymeric Laporte for 40 million euros represents a significant investment, but the search for cheaper alternatives as Javi Herrando and Aitor Córdoba, or even consider Iñigo Martinez, reflects the financial prudence that the club needs. The final decision will depend on the economic and sporting strategy that the club decides to adopt in the coming days.

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