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Lezama is the quarry that most nourishes the team in Euro 2024

Jesus Carames

June 8, 2024 | 7:54 a.m.

Euro 2024 will be a showcase for European football talent, and among the players who will represent their teams, Lezama stands out as the quarry that contributes the most footballers to the tournament. The Athletic Club de Bilbao talent factory continues to demonstrate its ability to produce elite players.

Lezama's five players at Euro 2024

Unai Simon

Unai Simon, current starting goalkeeper of the Spanish team, is one of Lezama's most outstanding products. His solidity between the sticks and his ability to make decisive saves have consolidated him as a key piece of the national team. Since his debut, Simón has shown great maturity and has been instrumental in Spain's recent rankings and successes.

dani vivian

dani vivian He is another player trained in Lezama who has managed to earn a place in the national team. The central defender has demonstrated his quality at Athletic Club, standing out for his aerial game, his ability to anticipate and his defensive solidity. The inclusion of him in the Eurocup roster underlines the coaching staff's confidence in his potential.

Aymeric Laporte

Aymeric LaporteAlthough he currently plays for Manchester City, he began his career in Lezama. Laporte has been a pillar in the defense of the English club and has taken his experience and skills to the Spanish team. His ability to play with both feet and his excellent reading of the game make him a world-class defender.

Nick Williams

Nick Williams, the young winger from Athletic Club, is one of the brightest promises to emerge from Lezama. With his speed, dribbling skills and ability to overwhelm the wings, he has caught the attention of the national selectors.. Nico has shown remarkable growth and is considered one of the future talents of Spanish football.

Alex Remiro

Alex Remiro, currently at Real Sociedad, is also a product of Lezama. The goalkeeper has had an upward trajectory and his constant performance in the Spanish league has earned him a place in the national team. Remiro provides security and competence in goal, complementing the talent of Unai Simón.

Lezama: Cradle of talents

The presence of these five players at Euro 2024 is not only a testament to the individual talent of each one, but also to the work and dedication of Athletic Club and its training academy, Lezama. This training center has been crucial in the development of footballers who have reached the highest level, maintaining a philosophy based on hard work, discipline and the love of football..

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