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Luis de la Fuente radiates confidence in Athletic

Luis de la Fuente radiates confidence in Athletic

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 14, 2024 | 12:33 p.m.

At heart of football, there are stories that transcend the years and they become legends. One of these is Luis de la Fuente, whose career and passion for Athletic Club de Bilbao They are a clear example of love for colors and t-shirts. His recent statement about the possibility that Athletic takes out the Gabarra after advancing in the Copa del Rey It is not only a sign of trust, but also a reflection of his emotional connection with the club.

Luis de la Fuente's passion for Athletic, more than a feeling

Since childhood, Luis de la Fuente has taken Athletic in his heart. His career in the red and white team, where he played for eight years, is marked by memorable moments, including the last two Leagues that the club won. This emotional bond, forged since his childhood, resonates in his words and in his way of seeing the team. It's not just nostalgia; It is a deep connection that continues.

His recent comment at the XXXIII congress of sports journalists in La Rinconada is a testimony of his optimism towards the Athletic. He sees Ernesto Valverde's team as the fittest in the championship, a statement that not only speaks to his analysis as an expert but also to his hope as a fan. The Copa del Rey, according to Luis de la Fuente, it is a beautiful competition, one that deserves to be celebrated with the iconic Gabarra, symbol of the club's great triumphs.

A heart divided between Bilbao and Seville

Luis de la Fuente, Athletic supporter

Despite his undeniable love for Athletic, Luis de la Fuente also has a special place for Sevilla and the city. During his four-year stay in the Andalusian team, where he accumulated 80 games, he forged another important bond. This emotional duality is a reflection of his professionalism and his ability to appreciate and value different experiences in his career.

His sincerity in expressing his love for both teams demonstrates a rare honesty in the world of football. He admits that, although he has been a member of Athletic since he was a child, this does not prevent him from maintaining a special affection for Sevilla and being objective in his work.. This statement, rather than generating controversy, should be seen as an example of integrity and genuine passion for the sport.

La figure of Luis de la Fuente It is a reminder that football is more than a game. It is an integral part of our culture and our emotions. His words about Athletic and the Copa del Rey are not just a prediction, but also an expression of a deep and abiding love for the club. As Athletic continues its path in the competition, fans, inspired by figures like Luis de la Fuente, dream of seeing the Gabarra sail once again, celebrating a triumph that would be historic and exciting.

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