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Marcelino and Raúl García from enemies to idols of Athletic Club

Jesus Carames

June 15, 2024 | 10:30 a.m.

An unexpected transformation

Marcelino García Toral and Raúl García have gone from being considered the number one enemies of the Athletic Club to become two of the most loved idols by the fans. Both the Asturian coach and the Navarrese player have ended up soaking up the athletic feeling, to the point of becoming true fans of the Bilbao team.

Raúl García, although he was not the most used forward during the two seasons he was under Marcelino at San Mamés, left his mark with several important goals. Marcelino, for his part, always valued Raúl's professionalism and influence in the locker room, which cemented a relationship of mutual respect between the two. This respect has been reflected in a significant gesture that Marcelino wanted to have with Raúl last Friday.

A memorable farewell

Marcelino shared on his account Instagram an image that shows both gathered at a party organized by Raúl García to say goodbye to professional football. In the photograph, you can see Raúl accompanied by a red and white tarp with the slogan "La fiesta de Rulo" and the emblems of Osasuna, Atlético de Madrid and Athletic Club. In addition, a LaLiga trophy and another from the Copa del Rey were on display, remembering the titles he won with the colchonero team before being instrumental in the penalty shootout on April 6 in La Cartuja.

This farewell not only marks the end of Raúl García's professional career, but also the recognition of his impact on Spanish football and his legacy on the teams he played for. His contribution to Atlético Madrid and his subsequent influence on Athletic Club have secured him a special place in football history.

From rivals to legends

The transformation of Marcelino and Raúl García into figures revered by the fans of the Athletic Club It is a testament to his dedication and passion for football. Marcelino, initially viewed with suspicion by Bilbao fans, managed to earn their respect and admiration through his work and commitment. Raúl García, known for his tenacity and competitive spirit, left an indelible mark on every team he played for, especially Athletic Club, where his professionalism and leadership were fundamental.

Their relationship exemplifies how mutual respect and dedication can transform rivals into allies and adversaries into friends. This story of Marcelino and Raúl García is a lesson about the importance of professionalism, respect and passion in sport.

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