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Mikel González makes the difference between Athletic and Real clear for the Basque player

Mairenis Gomez

June 12, 2024 | 6:30 pm

The athletic club's football director has highlighted the key differences between athletic and real society, underlining the Bilbao club's dedication to developing local talents

Football in Euskadi It is not only a sport, it is a passion that unites entire communities. In a recent press conference, Mikel González, director of football at the Athletic club, highlighted the difference between Athletic and Real Sociedad, emphasizing the Bilbao club's dedication to developing local talents. In his words, «we are attractive in Euskadi, this is demonstrated by the numbers. "We feel strong."

A clear message for the Euskadi players

The football elite is a difficult goal to achieve, but González emphasizes that Athletic provides the tools and the most accessible path for young Basque footballers. «It is super difficult to reach the elite, also in Athletic, but we have a clear message for all the players in Euskadi. “Athletic gives you the tools and, despite the difficulty, the most affordable path to being a professional footballer in an elite club.”.

A positive balance for Athletic's season

During the season, Athletic has shown great performance, with Bilbao Athletic having an outstanding year and six youth players being promoted to the first team. González and Sergio Navarro, head of lezama, have shared details about this success, mentioning "an aggressive recruitment policy" that has resulted in 56 new additions to the male structure, with a notable majority of players coming from Bizkaia (35), followed by Guipuzcoa and Navarre (9 each).

Aggressive recruitment and results

González has been clear about the recruitment strategy, pointing out that since his arrival, there has been a more aggressive approach in the lower categories. They have achieved 100% incorporation in Bizkaia and 90% in other Basque territories. "We are the club of the five major leagues that contributes the most youth players to the first team and we double the second team", he stated, highlighting the strength of athletics in the development of young talents.

The rivalry between athletic and royal society

In recent times, a "quarry war" has emerged between Athletic and Real Sociedad. This rivalry has intensified with strategic signings from both parties, such as the signing of Sylvain de Weerd, responsible for recruitment in the Basque-French zone of Real, for Athletic. In addition, there are competitions for agreed clubs, although González avoided discussing relations with the royal society and the cases of youth players.

An attractive option for all of Basque Country

Mikel González firmly defended Athletic's strategy of incorporating players from all over the Basque Country, including Guipúzcoa. «We know that we are an attractive option. and our only objective is to develop the best possible project to make athletic bigger., he expressed. He highlighted that this strategy has always been part of the club and will continue to be, emphasizing the responsibility of focusing on the athletic project itself.

Passion and commitment to football in Euskadi

Commitment to local development

In addition, Athletic Club maintains a clear commitment to the development of local talents and the promotion of footballers from Euskal Herria. González concluded his speech by emphasizing that, despite the competition and rivalries, Athletic will continue focused on its mission of strengthening its youth team and offering young players the best opportunities to grow and stand out in professional football.

Without a doubt, this dedication and focus on local talent not only strengthens the club, but also enriches the Basque football scene., keeping the passion and pride for football alive in the region.

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