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Óscar de Marcos a fundamental renewal for Athletic Club

Jesus Carames

May 18, 2024 | 4:30 p.m.

In a context with European competition where the renewal of veterans is very important, The continuity of Óscar de Marcos at Athletic Club is presented as an extreme necessity. Given the avalanche of veteran players who will not continue next season, De Marcos' presence becomes even more essential.

Context of the renewal

Athletic Club faces an upcoming season full of games and challenges, which requires a solid and experienced squad. Everything indicates that Dani García will not continue in the team and there is uncertainty regarding the renewal of Ander Herrera. These possible departures leave an important void in the locker room that must be filled by players with experience and leadership..

The importance of Óscar de Marcos

Óscar de Marcos, with his career and commitment to Athletic, is one of the pillars of the team. His ability to perform in multiple positions and his experience in high-level competitions make him an invaluable player.. Furthermore, their leadership both on and off the field is essential to maintaining cohesion and team spirit.

Challenges and opportunities

The departure of veterans like Dani García and the possible non-renewal of Ander Herrera pose significant challenges. Athletic will need to not only fill vacant positions, but also ensure that new or young players integrate effectively into the team.. In this sense, De Marcos' presence can facilitate the transition and serve as a mentor for the younger ones.


Oscar de Marcos' renewal is not just a matter of keeping a talented player on the roster; It is a strategic necessity to face a season full of games and challenges. His experience, versatility and leadership are indispensable qualities at a time when the team could face a significant restructuring. Ensuring its continuity could be the key to maintaining the stability and performance of Athletic Club in the next season..

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