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Peio Canales joins the 2027 club at Athletic

Jesus Carames

April 16, 2024 | 3:53 p.m.

El Athletic Club has made a strategic decision by ensuring the continuity of Peio Canales until 2027, with an extension option at the club's discretion. This renewal underlines the club's commitment to its philosophy of internal development and confidence in the emerging talent of its academy.

Peio Canales: A gem in the rough

Peio Canales, who has been highlighted as the natural successor to Iker Muniain, has proven to be a fundamental piece in the scheme of Bilbao Athletic, the subsidiary team of Athletic Club. His outstanding performance, especially in key matches, justifies the faith reposed in him by the club management.

A decisive match

In the confrontation against Calahorra, Canales was crucial for the team's performance. During the first half, Bilbao Athletic showed notable tactical superiority, with Canales and his teammates, Olabarrieta and Varela, generating significant scoring opportunities. Despite Calahorra's efforts to level the score, it was Canales who, with an exceptional play, managed to penetrate the opposing defense and score the decisive goal that secured the victory for his team.

Impact and potential by Peio Canales

This renewal not only ensures that Canales continues his development under the tutelage of Athletic Club, but also provides the team with future stability in its lineup. With Muniain aging, Canales' progressive incorporation into the first team appears to be the next logical step, one that fans and management are looking forward to.

Athletic's Philosophy: Confidence in the quarry

The policy of trusting and promoting local talent has been a hallmark of Athletic Club, and the commitment to Canales reinforces this approach. By ensuring its permanence, the club not only protects its assets but also maintains its commitment to a tradition of cultivating and nurturing future soccer stars.

Looking to the future, Channel management will be crucial. His continued development and successful transition to the first team could mark the beginning of a new era for Athletic Club. Canales' ability to change the course of games and his growing influence on the field are indicative of the potential for him to become a key player for Athletic in the coming years.

In summary, the renewal of Peio Canales' contract until 2027 is a smart move by Athletic Club. It reflects a long-term vision, aimed at strengthening the core team with proven talent and fostering a smooth transition from past glories to new promises. Canales, with his ability and charisma on the field, is clearly destined to be an integral part of Athletic Club's future.

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